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Scared of the shower Lock Rss

My daughter has turned 2 today but is scared of the shower. She started having showers with Daddy and then one day was at swimming lessons and went under the fountain and it was freezing cold. I think this has scared her from having a shower now as she refuses to have one. Even if i get in the shower she wont come in with me.

Has anyone else got a little one scared of the shower? Should I persevere?


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Hi Bianca

I wish I could encourage you but I am having the same problem with my daughter who just recently turned two! It has been going on for a few months and I am not sure what happened to make her suddenly dislike it. When it first started I just went back to only baths and have been gradually taking her in the shower with me. It is very slowly getting better but if I try and put her down in the shower she screams her head off!


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