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Hitting Lock Rss

Hi all...

My son is now 18 1/2 months and has recently started hitting us like it is a game. Even when he gets into trouble and has time out, it doesn't seem to deter him. Our second bubs is due in 5 weeks and any suggestions for helping him to get out of this habit before the new bubs arrives would be greatly appreciated.



Katrina, Ethan 30.04.2004 & one on the way

No real easy answer but we had that phase too. We just had zero tolerance for it and did the time out thing and after not too long he just stopped. I don't think they realise sometimes that it hurts you I guess just make it abundently clear that it is not a game and you are not amused nor will it be tolerated. I am sure you are worried with bub due and the new arrival may prolong the phase if he feels it will get him some attention from you instead of you paying attention to the baby.
Good Luck and congratulations on your due bub.
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