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Tantrums Lock Rss

Hi All

My 17 month old daughter has taken to throwing the worst tantrums. Last night it went on for nearly 60 minutes. She just lets loose this high pitch scream and nothing will stop it. She throws herself on the floor and will constantly stop, look up to see if we are watching. If we do make eye contact, it starts again. We can't even touch her to try and calm her down. I nearly gave into what she wanted just for her to stop.

I'm sure others have experienced this. What did you do? I want to address it now before it gets totally out of control.

Hi my 18 mth old son does the same thing. He screams (not high pitched but LOUD) and throws himself on the floor. He can go on for 20 mins or more. He also crys after the tantrum kinda whinging. Just lately I have been getting really tired of the constant tantrums so if he is making a big fuss oversomething and I can't distract him and he won't stop when I ask him to (very rarely does esp. when in he full swing of things!) I have been putting him in our halway near the front door which is quite small and not interesting at all. I tell him that he can come and play when he's done and then I go away into another room. After 1-2 mins I call out to him to come and see me and he usually stops crying/screaming and comes over for a cuddle -if he doesn't stop fully he comes to me still crying but not screaming and I give him a cuddle and say ' are you telling mummy you're sorry?' or 'say sorry to mummy' and he gives a cuddle back.
Hope this helps a little - some days are better than others.
Good luck- they are so challenging some days aren't they?

My daughter has the standard tantrums, and telling her without fuss to go to her room works for them. She either shuts up straight away or runs to her room screaming, then reappears a few minutes later calm.
She has had a few monster ones like this one, and i found no punishment works-she gets herself so worked up she forgets what she is crying about and just goes insane, she struggles when we pick her up etc. Have found the only thing that works for her is distraction-i'll talk to her about something she loves-playground, swimming, geckos etc, and basically have to crap on until she calms down enough to let me pick her up. If your daughter likes you to watch though i would try putting her in her room first, it's no fun performing without an audience!
I think in this instance it's not 'giving in'-i'm very strict like that too, but they just don't know how to wind down sometimes.

Kelly, 22, 1 @ 25/1/04, 2 @9/3/05, [email protected]/4/06

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