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Any good ideas to stop tantrams Lock Rss


I have a 20month old son and lately he is throwing tantrums all the time. I have tried everything from distracting him, to saying no and ignoring him, but it doesnt work too well. I work 4 days now and I am not sure if that could be a reason to why he is throwing tantrums, also he is at daycare two days a week, I thought he could be copying another child there? I think he his throwing tantrums for attention. Does anyone have any advice on how to control his tantrums? Also he always sucks his thumb, is it something they grow out of or is there something I can do to stop sucking his thumb as he his getting calluses on his thumb.


Happy mum!
Hi - I can't help you on the thumb sucking, but tantrums just seem to be part of toddlerhood!! we get some doozies, and I find that the more attention I give or the more I try to distract, the longer they go on for. I often say something like "well,I'm going to do (the dishes, read a book etc) do you want to come?" and I TRY to use a calm voice. I work three days and I try to fill those days with lots of activities to keep her occupied

I find ignoring the best...and I generally have to leave the room and DS follows me. His tantrums are the sad ones rather than the big angry ones, and it really tugs ay me and I feel TERRIBLE for just sitting there and ignoring him.

Often he forgets what the fuss was all about, then I sit and read a book or do something quiet with him.

The worst is when he then deliberately hurts himself - he often bumps his head on the wall or floor...not too hard but hard enough for me to have to then comfort him! I guess that's his way of 'forcing' me to stop ignoring him!

Hope this phase ends soon!!!

C4Lin, WA ; DS(1) 25 02 04 ; DS(2) 10 10 06

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