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Flouride supplements Lock Rss

My friend, who has a bub the same age, is a dental nurse and has her little boy on flouride tablets. She is encouraging me to do the same. I just dont feel comfortable without findig out about them first. Are others using supplements if it's not already in the water??? I've always thought they can stain teeth, is this right?

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I give my 14 month old flouride tablets about 2 or 3 times a week, i crush it up and put it in his bottle, we don't have it in our water, but most places do now!
I had them as a child as we had tank water and i don't have stained teeth, i'mnot sure about it though, i hadn't heard that before, but if you find out anything let me know!
I know most water supplies have them now, but i live on the Central Coast and know mine doesn't.
They are hard to come across, but i bought the children's one, i don't give him one every day, but i figure 2 or 3 a week is better than nothing. Apparently, they have fluoride etc in tinned foods too now, but i don't know how reliable that was from who i heard it from!
Sorry i can't help you more!

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