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skin virus in little ones Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

We at Practical Parenting are running a feature on a common skin infection in kids called molluscum contagiosum.

This virus causes small wart like bumps on the skin and can be passed from child to child especially in water. Its not dangerous but can be unsightly and a little problematic for little eczema sufferers.

Has anyone got a story to share about their child and this condition? This will appear in the Febuary issue of Practical Parenting.

Please feel free to post all stories.


Practical Parenting
I know a bit late but I am telling everyone I can about the success I have had with a treatment from The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne. My son developed Molluscum last year on his legs and body. I got the usual fob off from the doctor - wait the usual 18 months and no bathing with my newborn, no sharing towels, etc, etc. My son was devastated (a fact my GP didn't consider!) as the bumps were unsightly and he loved bathing with his brother. Tried and spent a fortune on the so called natural remedies that did nothing. Luckily my Obstetrician heard about the RCH pharmacy using a cream called Imiquimod - no need to be a RCH pt or attend the hospital. The GP or you just call the pharmacy and ask for a fax request. The GP then fills out a prescription and send it off with (I think) about $25. The cream you have to religiously apply 2-3/day and it flares up the bumps initially (only very minor itching) but my son was bump free after 6 weeks and no scarring!! It is expensive and you only get about 15mls of cream but it is only applied sparingly - I only needed the one pot for about 30 bumps. Good Luck ... Kirsty

4yr old + 7 month old

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