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Hand, Foot and Mouth Lock Rss

Maya's little friend has just come down with the hand, foot and mouth virus. I'm guessing she will prob get it. Have others had it, did it make your bub unwell???

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

Hi, My son had it about 2months ago. He was very lethargic and off his food ect, the mouth ulcers make it painful to clean teeth and eat. A ear ache is a common side effect which we got and it was about a week before he was over it and a few weeks before his skin was back to normal. It is very contagious so try and limit their contact with other kids. Adult cases are uncommon but I was unlucky enough to get a mild case myself. Fingers crossed you will avoid it.
Emily also had it at the beginning of last month, only in the mouth (herpangina) and was feverish for a couple of days and then mainly starving hungry but mouth was too sore to eat. I mainly fed her jelly and icecream and gave her bonjella before meals to help the pain of the ulcers. The inside of her mouth went really white (like thrush) to start with too. Lasted a week but felt like a month.

Charlotte mum to Emily 27-08-03 & Lily 21-09-06

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