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expecting baby No2, should I wean No1 off dummy now or later? Lock Rss

Im in a dilemma, Im expecting my 2nd baby in late feb. I have a 2 year old who will be 2 and a half when No2 is born and I dont know whether to let him have his dummy till then or wean him off now. He only really has it for sleep but will sometimes ask for it in the late afternoon or whenever he is grumpy and tired. I only give it to him if he is really cracking it. He has just got his last molar through a couple of weeks ago but it hasnt fully grown through yet.
Should I let him have it incase he is traumatised by the new arrival? I dont know what to do? He does love his dummy and I think he would have it 24/7 if he could! But he is so psycologically dependant on it. He says " need dummy now! " It really helps him settle though but it is a devil in disguise!

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06

Hi Jz,

I doubt that what I am going to say is likely to be of a whole lot of help to you but I figured I would put in my 2bobs worth anyways...

Personally I think that your decision to ween ur DS from his dummy should be dealt with they way you would deal with it whether #2 was on the way or not. I can't see how one has anything to do with the other (can you believe I actually thought about how to write that last sentace without it sounding rude but couldn't find another way to say what I mean - no offence intended and if I were speaking instead of typing it would have been said with a smile and in the nicest possible way).

If you think that it is time to ween him the by all means ween him. You could try a few "tricks" with him to get him to give the dummy up for himself. One great one that I have heard of is to get him to "buy" something with it. Take him to Target or Toys R Us and pick a little something and he should give his dummy(ies) to the cashier as "payment". That way he gets something for giving the dummy up.

Another option that I might suggest is to only give it to him when he is having a sleep (personally I don't see this as being any different to a security blanket or favourite toy etc.).

All that said, I don't think that you should feel the need one way or another to take action just because another bubby is on the way (congratulations btw).

I guess, he has to give it up eventually and 2.5 is as good a time as any if you can cope with it. You don't need any extra stress at this time (unless you feel you can deal with it).

Good luck either way. I know it is a bit of a fence sitting response (a bit like the all too common response of "just do what is right for you" - which is perfectly valid gasp) )

Hope it all works out for you.
Take Care.
it is a hard thing to do.....but what it comes down to is your sanity!!lol just wondering when did you give it to your son and are you going to use it with bubs #2?
about a month ago i got rid of my DS#1 (2 1/2) dummy and he loves (oops wrong tense..loved) his dummy. he had it for bed time, when he got hurt, when he wanted to take a break and relax. i think ive gone through more dummies with him than i can count.
the story goes...... i went for a drive with my brother and my boys and my brother turned around and saw my DS with his dummy in his mouth. my brother said to him "why do you have a dummy? youre a big boy. big boys dont have dummies. youre a baby if you have one". my son replied " no im a big boy". the banter went on and then my son told me to take it and said "mama yucky dummy. throw it away. im a big boy". so what did i do...... sorry australia for the littering but i threw it out the window. he was gobsmacked!! he couldnt believe i threw his beloved dummy out. he knew there was no way of getting it back now! sad
anyways when it came to nap time he asked me for it, but i told him it was gone. he then told me " no, go wash it a give it to me please" i said again that it was gone i threw it out the window. he started to whine then i reminded him that he was a big boy and didnt need it. he agreed that he was a big boy, but still wanted it. eventually after 1 1/2hrs of tossing and turning he fell asleep. smile
he still asks for it, but before i can answer him he remembers that i threw it out the window and that he is a big boy.
but what i find funny is that when DS#2 leaves his lying around DS#1 happens to disappear to go and have a quick suck!!!! smile
i suppose its my own fault for the habit, but he hasnt had it so far....
you could give it a go now and see how both you and your son goes, but all i can say is you need to be consistant and persistant.. that goes for anything you try to teach our beloved toddlers.
i hope that helps
take care

Amina, mum of 3 boys 06/03, 03/05, 06/08

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