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children's dentists Lock Rss

Hello everyone. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any children's dentists in the hampton park area ... preferably a good one!! Also, how much do they charge, and at what age is it good to start taking your child to the dentist? Thanks for any info you can provide me with!!

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I'm not sure of a good dentist, i don't live in your area, sorry, but i can sort of help you out with what age, my sister has jsut recently asked our dentist when to start taking her 4 year old, he said anytime is fine, but take them before they need to have anywork done, so they don't think that going to the dentist is a bad thing and they will hurt them when they go!!!
I don't know if they need to go earlier than this, that i assume depends on your dentist and what they prefer and on your choice, my sisters little girl has had a check up with him about 6 months ago!!!
Sorry i can't help you out more!

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