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Does you child wear glasses? Lock Rss

My DD is only 16 weeks so it's not an issue yet but both myself and DH (and my Mum and MIL) wear glasses for general viewing. I am presuming our children have a high likelyhood of needing glasses too. At what age does it become apparent that kids need glasses? How young can you get them tested reliably? I have seen quite young looking kids in glasses.

I got mine in about grade 4 but didn't really start using them a lot untill Uni.

Any ideas?

Hi Toni,
My niece had a lazy eye and at about 12 months had to wear an eye patch to strengthen the eye. At about 6, she had to get glasses, which she wears only when reading.

My daughter had to get glasses for reading only about 6 weeks ago. She's 8 and it's something to do with weak eye muscles.

Hope this helps.

Sue. Mum of Zac, Ashlee, BJ and Tahlia. Vic

Hi, Toni
I know what you mean I have a son who is almost three his dad wears glasses full time and I wear contacts full time I used to have glasses. I got my first set of glasses when I was three and I had my first eye operation when I was four then another at 12. I asked the optomertrist one day how young do you start testing their eyes and he told me at about three unless there is something obvious. I had a lazy left eye so there was something obvious to see. Having said all that my son is almost three and I don't have any concerns about his vision so far it seems great I would suggest just see how you go but I would get their eyes tested before they start school and then the regular check ups to catch anything that may crop up. Take care and congratulations on your new bub.
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