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colds and flus Lock Rss

hi all,
i am just wondering how other parents deal with their childrens colds? my son who is almost 17 months old and he has had a cold on and off now for almost 6 weeks, we have been to the doctors several times who has told me to use chest rubs, panadol, nose spray and demazen or dimeatapp but none of it has really made a great deal of long term difference. he has just finished a course of anti-biotics and has still got a really runny nose as well as a cough. has any other parents had this problem with thier baby/ toddler? can anyone offer any advice about what i could try next? i dont really like giving my little one alot of medications if avoidalbe. any help would be greatly appricated.
also what are your veiws on demezen and dimeatapp?
My 14 month old daughter is having her 4th cold this year! but I think it is due to introducing her to dairy food as she was lactose intollerent. Anyway I found that medicines like dimatap dont really work and I only give her pamol when she has a fever or is in pain but she usually gets over the cold by herself, when she wakes up at night from coughing I put her into bed with me to keep her warm and she seems to sleep a little better, also sometimes I put a pillow under her mattress to help her breathe eaiser.

I too dont like giving Aimee medicine so I only give it to her when really necessary.

I hope your son feels better soon...

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

Hi Michelle, it is actually probably different colds that he has not the same one. Antibiotics don't help unless there is actually an infection which occurs less then most people think and my doctor says that cold medication is not ideal for kids and can make the duration longer. A cold or flu can last for ages but also once you have anything it makes you more susceptible to catching other stuff as your immune system is under strain. Basically just the best diet you can get him to tolerate, some panadol and if you are not happy with his progress another doctor.

Kelly,QLD, boy 23.01.03 and girl 08.04.05

I know how you feel - I feel like we spend haldf our life at the doctors with Maya. This year she has had tonsilitis, croup and three colds, and it's only April lol. We use panadol and tixylix chest rub. I've tried Robitussin pediatric drops but they don't seem to make much difference so I don't bother with them.
Also a bowl of boiling water on a (high) shelf in her bedroom with some tixylix in it for vapours at night.
Antibiotics won't help a cold as they are mostly viruses, but sometimes saline nose drops will help clear th enose for feeding a smaller baby.
Good luck.

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

I use karvol - it is a decongestant which you place on a handkerchief near their bed (somewhere they can not reach) and it releases vapours. The child is not aware they are being medicated, and I find it works really well at clearing the nose which ultimately helps with coughs.

I also use a vaporiser overnight which also seems to help their breathing.

Saline drops in the nose can also help clear it if it is quite conjested.

Hope this helps.

mum to 2 girls

Have you tried Manuka honey (a medicated honey sold in health food stores - also some supermarkets) A teaspoon dissolved in boiling water - about a cup - a nice sweet drink that really works and gives them a little energy too.

Don't give if your child is under 1 though! Speak to your health food shop about the benefits for the whole family!


Forgot to mention Manuka honey is a natural product from NZ. It is sold Australia wide.

I don't sell it - just think its terrific!!! LOL


i use dimetapp and fess nose spray

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

hi all, just wanted to thank everyone for their advice about how to help my sons colds and coughs, unfortunly he is still very chesty still has a really runny nose and a cough. i have just put him onto pentavite vitamin to try to strengthing up his immune system so hopefully ultimiley this will help the matter. once again thanks to all
hi there my 19mnth old is on her 3rd cold in 3 mnths and this time has a cough witch is keping her awake we have just given her panadol and rubbed euchie bear rub on her we also purchsed a vapariser but were told not to use anything but water in it or under 2 yr just seems so frustrating that she is sick but due to her age we cant do much for her but be there for her


I know exactly how you feel. DD (27 months) has had only a 3 week break from colds this winter, it's been awful. It appears she now has yet another one.
I basically give her Benadryl night time for her cough but I don't like using medications either.
Vicks on her chest helped and the vaporizer at night.

That's all I have for you, sorry.

Hope the cold gets better real soon.

Hi there, my dd is 2yrs 3mths. Last year we spent from around march/april to nearly xmas with her being sick all the time if we went out you could guarantee that 2 days later she would get a temperature, runny nose cough etc and then it would take her a while to recover, I kept her at home during this time then as soon as we ventured out again 2 days later she was sick and this went on for over 6 months we hardly went anywhere and did anything.

This year has been totally different, she has been around lots more bugs and in direct contact with sick people and not gotten sick and I put it down to one thing. We started giving her metagenics immune support and she has only had 1 tummy bug, 1 bad cold and a couple of other small episodes of having a snotty notice for a morning or day here and there but they dont end up coming to anything and just disapar. (touch wood) I cant believe the difference. She is under pediatrician etc for other things and they are happy she hasnt been sick and we saw her gp recently and we discussed this and he said she is doing really well to only have been sick that many times its less than most kids.

Metagenics is a natural product , a practioner only range and pharmaceutical grade. If you are interested in finding out more let me know and i can advise where to go and get it. My daughter is on a few of there products which the doctor is happy about its a good safe brand to use with children.
take care
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