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touching things he should not Lock Rss

i have got a 20 months year old. he is always touching thinds he sould not. he go in the fridge helping himself to drinks and food. i suppose it does not help having to older brothers one is six and the the is four. he is very independent.
if you don't want your little one getting into the fridge, I have seen some other parents that put velcrove on the door so that their kids can't open it.

But seeing that you have 2 other children you might have to put it low enough for them to read but high enough so that your little one can't smile
Damon is 2.5 and still touches things he shouldn't. Alot of the time he does it because he knows it upsets me and sometimes he just forgets that he shouldn't touch. But if your little one has two older brothers doing the same thing he is told not to then he is going to find it very hard to understand why he can't but they can. They learn but what they see and to him he probably think he is just being a big boy like his brothers. Damon doesn't have older siblings but when his cousins come over we tell them Damon is not allowed to do that so we would apprieciate it if you didn't either.
Best of Luck.


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