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My DS is 15 months old and has started to b ang his head on the back sliding door to the point he has a brusie on his head. HELP dont know what to do!!!!!

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my son has also just started doing this.. usually on the fridge door or on the kitchen tiles. he is 16 months old. he usually does it when i have stopped him from doing something. i think it might be his way of showing his frustration. he doesnt do it often - i just try and distract him. a friend of mine said her son did the same thing around this age and it was his way of getting attention. hopefully its just a phase cos its quite distressing.


Hi there

Dont worry too much it is completely normal, although aweful to watch especially when they get hurt. My son went through this and also still does it on occasion when he is really frustrated. It is just an attention seeking thing i think, and my son usually did it when he couldnt get his own way.

I usually tried to ignore it and just walk away, he will soon learn that it hurts him, and if hes not getting attention from it he should grow out of it soon. Hope this helps. Good luck!

My 16mo DD does the same thing. I think she does it when she has a headache or has pain from teething.

DD - 07.04.07 DS - 27.10.09

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