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Bath wash, what do you use now? Lock Rss

My DD is 22 months old and I've just realised I'm still using baby bath wash. When do you stop using it and what do you replace it with?
I'd still like to use something that is going to be kind and gentle to her skin. I was thinking QV wash or Keri oil but I think that could be very expensive over time.
Any advise would be great.

Lyn, Tianna Shayne & Bryce William

My DD is 29 months and I still use J&J baby bath wash as she has a tendency towards a little exczema plus you dont have to worry about it getting in their eyes.
My son is 22 months. We use the QV wash. I used to use the QV kids (the one with Daffy Duck) on it but I seemed to go through it really quickly. I don't need to use much of the QV wash - it seems to go a long way.
My DD is closing on 3 and a half and I still use the baby stuff. I really like it, plus DS baths with DD so its a win win situation for us.

I hadn't though of changing till your post!

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

We switched to a children's soap based product and DD got really dry skin so now we are back to using bath wash. We just use it on a puffy sponge now instead of me using it on her. We switched from baby bedtime bath to the 24 hour moisturising (J and J naturals) and love it.

I still use baby bath wash and DS is 5. He gets eczema so I figure it's better to stick with what I know wont irritate his skin.

Karen, DS1 31/8/03, DD 12/3/07, DS2 16/12/09

This has certainly been interesting feedback. I think I'll just stick to what I'm using. Wish I could buy it in bulk to save $

Lyn, Tianna Shayne & Bryce William

We've always used QV Bath Oil for Judd's bath and it keeps his skin beautiful and soft.

we use the baby bedtime bath. then use the bedtime lotion for after her bath as her legs and arms dry out a bit. we used to use the oil but are slowly moving off it.

Ive been using the QV wash for a while now. Gentle on skin but dont let it get in their eyes as it stings (not a 'no more tears' formula). I use Curash shampoo for hair. Im in the same boat - I was also wondering when you could start to use something else. The cost does add up.
I still use J&J top-to-toe wash and have just started using there anti-tangle kids shampoo (smells yummy lol).
Do not change something that works. Poor bubbas not even two yet!...You dont have to change...Dont listen to any hype. I tried more grown up products with my son and they burnt his eyes and made him hate bath time. My advice is if its not harming their skin then dont change. My sons well over 3 and still using baby products. If you have two children its cheaper to use the one product for both kids instead of buying 2 different things.

Married Mummy of 2 beautiful boys.

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