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18 Month Old With Dry Scalp... Lock Rss

Hi Mum's,

I have an 18 month old daughter with a lovely head of fair hair. I have been using baby shampoo on her head since she was a few months old and just recently she has developed a dry almost dandruff like scalp... it doesn't bother her, just doesn't look nice to me. She never had craddle cap as a baby and I don't know if it is something that toddlers get???

What do you use to wash your toddlers hair, and have you had any dry scalp conditions like this appear?

Hi Michelle,

My daughter used to have terrible cradle cap when she was a baby & it didn't quite disappear until she was well over 2. My Health Nurse recommended selsun blue to clear it up. She was at least 2 before I used it though so i'd check with the pharmacy or gp before using it. It was fantastic. It cleared up everything very quickly. Don't use it every night, every 2 or 3 i found worked fine. Sometimes I still use it to keep her scalp healthy.

Hope this helps.


Michelle - Mum to 2

hello if you look at the photo of Tasmin in the yahoo photo gallary, you will notice her hair.
lots of long curls and lots of knots, i didnt want to but i started to use a small amount of panten cond with her baby sham/cond. i found that if i used it too much her scalp would start to dry out.
hope this helps.

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

Hi Michelle & Catherine,

Thanks for your tips. My daughter is due for her 18 months check up soon, so I am going to ask my doctor about it then. I was really just wondering if I should be concerned about it...? I'm washing her hair every second or third day depending of course on how dirty she gets. I wonder if this is too much or not enough?

Well I might try a tiny bit of conditioner before I try anything medicated... will let you know how I go.

Michelle smile

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