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My baby is very rough!!! Lock Rss

Hi everyone, Jackson is almost 16 months.
Im having serious problems when he is in creche or there are kids at our house. He will hit, pull hair, and the worst problem is biting. He has made his cousin bleed from a bite before. Everytime I turn around he was attacking some kid that day. But it happens too often. When he does this I will shout DONT BITE and give him a smack. Does anyone have any ideas. I would like him to stop this stage especially now I am pregnant again. Please help.

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

hi i am not sure if i will be much help but my son was the same as yours and he has now out grown it. how long has your son been at daycare for? is daycare a new thing for him? maybe he is having trouble settling in? i have been reading a book on child behaviour and it says that it is a completely normal stage toddlers go through they bite smack kick pull hair etc because they dont have the skills to tell someone that they are annoying them, in the book it says that you should say no we cant bite or what ever they have done because it hurts people when you do that how about we go and do this, to distract them from the situation. im not sure if this would work or not as i didnt have to try this approach as bailey grew out of it. the problem is probably caused by your son being over welmed by so many kids being around and not being used to it, maybe at creche if they see him getting worked up they could try to take him to a different activity for a while to take his mind of things. well i help this is any help
Hi Mishka

I know exactly how you feel my daughter is quite rough but probably because she has an older brother but it was at the 16 month stage she bit EVERYONE mainly her brother it is because they can not talk & they get frustratred.I found that biting her back then smacking her to work.

Hope I've helped a little

Good Luck


P.S It is ony a phase TRUST ME my daughter gave up after a couple of months.
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