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how to get rid of that dummy Lock Rss

ive been reading this site and my daughter uses a dummy. the hospital gave it to her in nicu to settle her. but anyway,
when my nieces dummy days were coming to an end the way they got rid of her dummy was they gave it to the cows.

across the road from where they live there are some cows and the kids were told that the reason the cows moo all the time is cause the baby cows needed dummies.
(moral of the story)

my 2yr old niece threw her dummy into the paddock for the calf to suck on. and thats how her parents got rid of hers.

and i might have to do the same with hannah when shes older smile

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

... Just wanted to say what a great little story grin

I think us mum's are the most imaginitive people on this earth... wink

You put a great big smile on my face today.


Michelle smile

Hey everyone, when my friends son was around the same age they moved to Thursday Island. She decided enough was enough with his dummy as they were very expensive to buy on the island. She told her son a baby fish from the big ocean took it as he didnt have one. She said that as he was a big boy now he didnt need his anymore but the fish did.
He was very happy with this and didnt ask for his dummy again.
we have been lucky no1 son did not take to the dummy, no2 & 3 decided at 4 mo. that they had enough of it. a friend of mine cut a hole into the teat a so iy could not be sucked & another friend said she cut the teat off altogether so there was nothing to suck just the ring to hold

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14


I am about to attempt getting rid of Paige's dummy. I am thinking we might leave it for Santa to take at christmas (at the moment) but I also like the idea of cutting of the teat, and just have the ring to hold onto. If the santa taking doesn't work, will cut the teats off.

Rachel, TAS (Paige 21/6/02)

Hi rachel_e,

I know how you feel...
We have only just got rid of my daughter Maddisons dummy 3 days ago....
We attempted to get rid of it at when she turned 2 in April, but never succeeded... However, in saying that we were able to keep it from her unless she was going to bed to sleep....
Well today is day 3 without her dummy at night time.. What my DH and I did was brought her a Cabbage Patch Kid and told her if she wanted it she had to throw the dummies in the bin.... & you never beleive it she did just that... To cut the story short she now has the doll and weve only had 2 unsettled nights. But last night there was no mention of the dummy.. Hooray !!

I wish you luck a christmas

Julianne, mum of 3 princes and 1 princess


My friends daughter loved her dummy and she was trying to get rid of it for months until sh came up with the idea of trading the dummy for a toy. Her daughter had been asking for a tea set for ages so she told her daughter that if she wanted the tea set she had to pay for it with her dummy, when they went to the shop to buy the set, her daughter happily handed her dummy over to the sales lady and never asked for it again.

qld,3yr old boy

I am going to try the santa trick with my son, I have been telling him that Santa will leave a toy for him, but he has to give santa his dummy so santa can give it to a baby for christmas, he has seen me wrapping presents, so on xmas eve we will wrap it together and put it under the tree.
I read somewhere that the best way they beat the dummy battle was to organise with the toy shop that the day you take your child in,that the lady at the toy shop will exchange the dummy for a special toy......

Kellie,Qld,21mnth old princess


My daughter is 14 months old and I'm trying to think of an easy way to get her off her dummy. She only has it to sleep but she has a mouth full of teeth and I'm finding that she's biting holes in them all the time. It's costing me a small fortune to replace them all the time.

I like all the idea's here but don't think they will work on Olivia yet as I think she's too young to get the idea of giving the dummy away.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Mum to (Olivia 3 Feb 2004) & (Emily 26 Jan 2006)

we found a mothers group that ran through our local child health clinic and they used to have people come and talk. One of those peoplke was a peadiatric dentist who spoke to us about pros and cons of dummies and how to get rid of them.
She suggested at that age to cut a slit in it so they dont get the comfort as it just collapses and they soon lose interest.
Mind you my daughter is 22 months and we havent tried it yet. She only has it for sleeping and must hand it over to mummy or daddy before getting out of bed, shes also only allowed to get it from the fridge on her way into bed.
I have to say I am impressed with all the suggestions though - sound like some options there smile
We have our second due in 7 weeks and have just moved her to a big bed - so one issue at a time smile

Bec, NsW, charlie 5, AJ almost 3

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