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No Daycare/Kindy/Preschool?? Rss

There's a side debate started in a thread about daycare in the "Caring for your Baby" section (re the government funding etc) but some ppl are saying they put their kids in part time for social skills and to prepare them for school etc. Others are saying it is not absolutely neccessary to do this...

What I would like to know is you opinion...

Now... Here is Queensland they are introducing Prep which will be full-time (to replace the old part-time Preschool - How it differs from just another year of school I do not know). Kindy, Preschool and Prep are not compulsory. Ignor the "learning to read and write" and the "socialisation" because there are other ways to prepare your children with those skills without the use of Daycare/Kindy. What I want to know is (for those with experience doing it this way) can kids cope with going straight to school full-time without a part-time transition... I mean going from staying at home with Mum (and getting out and about for stuff/socialising/activities) to going to school 9-3, 5 days a week??

Thank you smile .
Great Question Toni
I have no real answer (my only child is 2.5, so no where ready to start school).

I don't particularly agree with putting kids into daycare for socialisation. There are other ways of socialising your kids (my boy belongs to a playgroup, goes to kindagym classes at PCYC, and we have lots of friends with kids of a similar age).

My perceptions of Prep year is the same - it's effectively just another year of school - I honestly think QLD Govt is bringing it in to make Qld Education system more like the interstate systems (which may or may not be a bad thing).

So, as I said, no real answers here, but I too would be very interested in how kids would transition from being at home with Mum or Dad to full time schooling with no 'in-between'.

James' Mum

Children definitely need a "part-time transistion" before starting school 9-3. I am a NSW Kindergarten teacher (in NSW Kindergarten is the first year of school 9-3) and I truly believe that children who do not attend some kind of pre-school, child-care, etc are at a huge disadvantage both academically and more importantly socially. These days you are the exception if you do not attend pre-school. Learning "how to do school" without the familiar face of mum or dad around is extremely important. Children need to develop the skills of independence and social interaction. They need to learn how to make choices for themselves as well as develop confidence when interacting with others in a "kinder environment". Also children learn so much from each other - more than they would learn in the home environment with a bit of playgroup on the side. Sometimes children respond better to "other significant adults" than they do to their own parents especially with regard to learning basic concepts such as counting or the alphabet. This is important too - there's nothing like a little kick start in learning to help make your child feel more confident at school and develop positive self-esteem. (And I'm not saying teach them everything before they start - just expose them to some of the things they will encounter academically at school and if they are interested than you can take it a bit further or make a game of it.) Sometimes this is where the pre-school teacher can have more impact then the parent.

Anyway just some food for thought...


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