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hi all, this yr i want to get the little one off bottle and dummy, she is 19months, i tell her once she is 2 thats it, she loves having milk in her bottle, i have tried so many times milk in a cup but she throws it at me, she has one in the morning and one at night and sometimes in the day if shes being fussy with her lunch. she has her dummy when sleep times, ishe can go with out the dummy she has many times but she wakes up in mid of the night crying for it and i give it to her to get sleep, you no how it is.
any help would be great
[Edited on 11/01/2009]
Hello there
Not sure if I can be much help re the dummy as my DD would never take one but just having the same issues with my 15mth old, tonight was the first night with out her bottle of milk and surprisingly it didn't go too bad at all, but have the morning milk and daytime sleep to get through tomorrow. I don't know if it is easier cause she is only 15mths as opposed to 19mths?? But tonight I gave her milk in a sippee cup which she took one sip of and refused the rest then I brushed her teeth, read a story and gave her a sippee cup of water to go to bed with. She cried for about 10mins and I haven't heard a peep since.
I know that my sister in law did 3 nights of crying to get my nephews off the dummies. I have heard stories of some children giving them up quite easily. I guess it is when you can reason with a child and make them understand that it is easier.
I think you just have to persist with it all. Perhaps just do one thing at a time, stop the dummy first then the bottle?

Were going through the bottle thing as well. DD has had water from a sippy cup since she was about 6 months she is now 14months and i have been putting her milk in one and she will take one sip and throw it. We have sat down with her and given it to her with a cup she will sometimes have some but usually only a few mouth fulls. We decided to just keep giving to her and hopefully she will stop being silly and just have it. She will drink it if she really wants it.

And as for the dummy DD had hers just at sleep time. we have been calling it her stinky dummy and that its yuck. She will go "Pfff" and wave her hand across her nose. Last night i cut the tip of it off. she had a few sucks then took it out and looked at it with a funny look on her face. we said good night and she had a sook for about 10 mins then was asleep and heard nothing through the night. Ill take a little bit more off it over the next couple of weeks and see how she goes.

My sisters kids all got rid of theirs just befor they were 2yo. one gave their to the baby ducks at the park, one to the garbage truck and the other just threw it in the bin one night. So if you DD can understand to give it to something that might be a good way of doing it, then when she asks for it just remind her she gave it to what ever.

Sorry its long but i hope it will give u a few ideas.

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