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15mths & trouble with Teeth Brushing Lock Rss

I have a 15mth old DD and admittedly I have started very late with the tooth brush routine, she lets me in there but it really isn't that successful. I spent the first half of her life trying to get her to sleep and didn't even think about teeth cleaning when she got her first teeth at 6 mths. If I had started back then with a tooth brush I wouldn't have trouble now as she would be used to it.
Along with all the guilt I feel about everything else I have or haven't done this is just another thing.
Basically I am just wondering if anyone else left it late to start cleaning teeth and if there are any tips and do you really think I have done damage to the teeth by not starting sooner?
DD is only ever given water and milk and on the odd occasion extremely watered down juice.
Thanks so much.
I wouldnt feel too bad I started early at 9 mths with DS now 14 mths and we were going really well, now he's decided that he wants to do it all himself which basically consists of him sucking and chewing on the brush.

He has a big tanty when I try to do it and it's a case of I don't want to push him and completely turn him off the teeth brushing so I usually just let him have a go himself and try to offer help if I can.

Try letting her have the brush in the bath to play with this might let her get use to the idea. Sometimes I let DS have a go at brushing my teeth for me, sometimes this then allows me an instant where he'll let me brush his, not always tho.

Good Luck

Take Care Gem, Mannix and Colton


My DS got his first tooth at 12 months and its only been now that we have finally been successful in cleaning his teeth (He is 26 months).

We used to try to make it as fun as possible. We sang songs, we played games, we tried it in the bath, we tried it in the high chair, we used to give him a break from us trying and instead let him hold the toothbrush and was us do it. We had books, & a dvd, we tried stickers. We saw a dentist who said we just had to get it done somehow, we saw the community nurse who said not to force it and just keep trying and make sure he watched us.

Nothing worked, or if it did, it only lasted a short while.

I also posted on here and people suggested that I needed to force it and eventually he would accept it. At the time we did try it but it was sooo distressing for him and us (it took two of us and we were still not successful). He would thrash around, kick, violently shake his head, mouth closed tight. Sometimes he would scream and we could get the toothbrush in.

Fast forward to now at age 26 months, we are now having success (touch wood). It has been nearly two weeks and we are getting the job done. His teeth seem to look good with no probs.

We had enough of worrying about it and we made the decision to force it again. I figured it's better to put up with screaming etc, than to have him put under general anaesethic (sp) to pull out rotten teeth.

We wrapped him up in a towel (so it was harder for him to move his arms about) and he sat on my lap with me holding him firmly. My husband brushed his teeth (when his mouth was open from screaming). But at least this time we were successful. This went on for a few days. On the fourth day he said he was scared of the towel, so we put the towel next to us, put him on my lap and we reassured him it wouldn't hurt and daddy would clean his teeth softly. He struggled a little bit but he his sooo much better. He makes aaahhh and eeee noises (when he opens his mouth - very cute) and I stroke his head and tell him what a big boy he is and how clean and bright his teeth are. We still have the towel next to us which he uses to spit on (but for us - just in case he plays up again). We give him the toothbrush afterwards and he tries to clean his teeth too.

He even let me do it on my own the other day.

I'd suggest by trying to make it fun and where all else fails, try wrapping her up in a towel. Once she realises you mean business, she might give up and let you do it. Also be consistent.

Best of luck. I know how frustrating it can be.
I also wanted to add that it's hard to know whether or not your DD has any damage to her teeth. Maybe make an appointment to the dentist (for yourself) and take her along and ask the dentist.

My DS wouldn't let the dentist look into his mouth.

The dentist said that he has seen some children who only drank water, & milk and rarely ate sweets but still had rotten teeth. He's also seen children who ate sweets, drank juice etc and their teeth were fine. So it's hard to say.

I think you have a better chance of her teeth being okay if you didn't give her a bottle to drink throughout the night.

Anyway - just check with the dentist to be sure smile
Thank you so much for your kind advice, this being the first time I have had a chance to check back on my message the last two days have been much better with DD letting me give her a teeth a good brush and she has a chew and suck on it afterwards. I spoke to a few friends who aren't particularly strict about it and that made me feel better.

I have just weaned DD off bottles of milk at bedtimes so along with the teeth brushing everything seems to be getting to me at the moment and I feel like a bad parent!

Thanks again and I will push on with it!
You're not a bad parent! The fact that you are concerned about your DD makes you a great parent.

Take care and try not to be hard on yourself. We all go through good times and bad times. There are always going to be challenges, but you'll get through them smile

I've found Huggies to be a great support for me. Hopefully you will find this too.

Thank you Heidi I have found your advice very helpful and Huggies has been a great help to me since DD was born.

I hope I can pass on my advice and wisdom to others down the track!

Take care

I have bought one of the cheap battery operated electric toothbrushes. My 2 1/2 DS loves it. It seems to give him incentive to clean his teeth.

We started with our girls when they got their first teeth at 4 months and they still don't let us in their mouth now at 16 months. We get them to do our teeth while we do theirs... That way they will open their teeth and you go 'you do mummys teeth' then you go 'mummy do your teeth' etc..
We are still touch and to with teeth cleaning at 26 months. Mostly it consists of DS eating the toothpaste and brushing the air in front of his mouth.

Our dentist said the main thing is to get into a routine. Let them see you brush your teeth and make it a fun game. If you don't feel you are really getting in there, try a drink of water after each meal, especially sweets.

She also said that the best thing to do is to check their teeth regularly for any discolouring - if there is any, then you need to get them into the dentist quick smart for a check up. Do it as soon as you notice the discolouration and before there is any pain, otherwise the child will associate the denist with pain.

I think just persevering is the main thing. Good luck!

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