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Chicken Pox!!!! Lock Rss

Hello my son has had a case of chicken pox in his room at day care. My son has had a cough for about a week (slowly getting worse) and a runny nose for 3 days. Yesterday we had a phone call from our day care saying his temp was 38.6 and he was not well and to come pick him up. My husband took him straight to he Drs who said there is a virus going around with the cough and runny nose but no temp. He said it could be chicken pox on it way........ He still had a temp last night but woke up this morning with no temp. His eyes look a glassy, he is not eating but in general seems OK??My question is this, how long after the temp and the first symptoms would the spots start to appear?? The day care said it could take a week and the Dr said 2 - 3 days........
I know there is nothing I can do but the problem is it is his birthday on Friday and we have arranged a huge party for him on Saturday at an indoor party and play centre. I would need to give people notice the party has been rescheduled. Also he didnt have a 1st birthday as he was so sick he was at the Drs on his actual birthday.
I am hoping this post doesnt go to the moderator or no doubt I will find out myself first hand the answer by the time it is released!!

Any information would be great!!

Hi Calebsmum,

Sorry to hear your predicament!!! I am no expert on this subject, but I have been told that the infectious stage is before the spots appear... so chances are if he has the disease he is infectious now meaning he can pass it on to those around him. I think once the spots appear, as I understood a few days after the actual infection takes hold, you are no longer in danger of passing them on. But having said all that I could be wrong...

I hope for your sake and for Caleb's that he doesn't have chicken pox, just a miserable virus... sick for 2 birthdays... that's just not fair.

Sending healthy, happy vibes your way and a big cuddle for Caleb too.

Thanks Michelle, It all a bit sad really isnt it??? I also found out today from my parents they dont think I have had it either............ they remember my brothers getting it but they are pretty sure I was either not even thought about or was just in the making. YUK... Also would you believe I have the prescription in my bag for the chicken pox immunisation but have been waiting for Caleb to be well enough to get it done. As you know he has been so sick the poor little love. I just cant believe what are the odds of 2 crappy birthdays??!!

Caleb is not well, very sooky and clingy to both myself and my husband and still not eating. To make things really interesting my husband is on night shift at the moment.

I just feel so sorry for Caleb, I didnt bring him into the world to be sick all the time. If he does get chicken pox then we may also have to reschedule his grommet operation from the 29.07.04. That was the earliest we could book him in.

I am keeping Caleb home just in case as I dont want to spead it any further. My brother who was 30 at the time got the chicken pox when I was pregnant. I was not allowed to go anywhere near the house on strict instructions from my Dr. He was so sick and for months the poor thing. But I didnt get to find out too much about it all. The Dr told my husband the chicken pox is going around at the moment.

Anyway enough complaining, thank you for your lovely kind words and for the information. I hope your beautiful daughter is well and your gorgeous son is behaving himself.........not long now.

Thanks again and please take care of yourself. Chat soon.

Oh!, forgot to mention Caleb loved your big cuddle..

Hi Janeen,

I had the worsy case of chicken pox as a teenager...I still have to live with some of the effects from it...I do get embarrassed about it!

I hope he doesn't get far as I know they are only contiagous up untill the spots appear. Also my GP said that many adults have had chicken pox and don't even know it as they may have only had a mild case...the only way to know is through a blood test.

I hope all gets well for Caleb soon and you must be having such a horrid time worrying about him!

We are sending heaps of get well hugs and prayers for you and your family!

Best wishes

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hello Nadine, Isnt it lovely your old friends always come out when you need them!! Big kisses to you and Michelle () () ()

My brother had the worse case of chicken pox. He was staying at my mums who had to call the after hours Drs 4 times to come and give him an injection for the pain. Everytime they made the same comment " I have never seen such a case of chicken pox like this before" One of the Drs even left her home and mobile phone number to call at any time!! He had the pox every where even all through his hair. Then when the pox were healing the virus went into this blood stream which caused all sorts of problems. Then he got I said before he was sick for months. His work didnt believe he was so sick and would visit him at home which they called a "welfare check". In the end my mum took him to the beach for a week(had a unit right on the beach) and got him in the salt water with the salt air. Most days he just sat on the verandah as he was so sick. They both agreed it was the best thing.

If Caleb doesnt have the chicken pox I will be getting that prescription filled ASAP!

I had a cry about it all this morning and I did feel better at the time. As you know when your husband works night shift you are all alone with a sick child all night and when your partner comes home they have to sleep so you then have the sick child all by yourself all day. I am so tired I really feel like pulling out my hair at the moment. Not to mention a 2 year old is hard enough on some days but add a sick 2 year old and boy o boy you have your hands full. Poor Caleb is trying to sleep but his cough wakes him up every time.

I just know what my work will say when I ring in on Monday to say I am not coming- again.................. AAARRRRRRR. We have been so busy, as I said in our other posts I have been pretty much trying to work fulltime. I agreed to work 5 hrs on Thursdays until the end of August. I assumed they were talking about extra hours, extra money, not over time just extra hours. But no they are giving me the hours in flex. This means by the end of it all I will have about a weeks flex owing to me which I will have to fight with them to use. My husband is really angry about it , he says to not do it but its too late now as I have agreed. Its my own fault really as I should have clarified this BEFORE I agreed. Never in a million years would I have thought they would give me flex as I know the policy on flex - they dont like you having any. Oh well I will not fall for the same trick next time.

Anyway enough about me, how are your little treasures? How is the croup going? Its not been a good time for us has it? My mum said she baby sat my cousin when he was a baby and she was only young, so her sister (single mum) could work. He was very very sick with croup and my mum said she doesnt remember being so scared in her life. She spent the whole night in the bathroom with all the hot water running to get steam. She said she thought he was going to die!!

I am so looking forward to my few days off in September at Toowoomba, I just cant wait.

I hope you are well and that all is well in your house. Thanks again Nadine and Michelle for your thoughts, hopes and prays!! You both are just wonderful!! When all else fails I always, always know I can rely on your both.

Talk soon,

...Always, always, happy to help smile

Take care and big hugs for your little man.

Oh No! I hope he hasn't really developed chicken pox - poor thing. I had it when my first baby was eighteen months old. It was Christmas eve and about 39 degrees. (In Brisbane!!) Gross. Just as mine were getting better, my son got them for New Years! I got them much worse as an adult than he did. My doctor prescribed phenergan for the antihistamine and some special ointment that I can't remember the name of. He hated me putting the ointment on, so I made a game of it by 'painting' it on with a (brand new) paintbrush. This was great fun for him and he had hardly any itching at all. I pray your poor baby hasn't got it and has a great birthday. Another virtual hug for little Caleb.(hug) By the way they do transmit the virus before the spots come out I think, but the open blisters are contagious too.

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

Hi nyrrek. thanks for your reply and of course your beautiful thoughts and wishes.

I couldnt imagine being so sick with chicken pox with an 18 month old baby!! Then when you thought it was all over wham.....your son comes down with them. I remember the Xmas you are talking about. I was nearly 3 months pregnant and flew to Darwin for Xmas with my in laws. It was hot but nothing like what you guys got back here. When we returned all our plants had died from the heat and our dog had nearly dug its way to china in a hole - to try to escape the heat..........wait a minute - 2 weeks after that Xmas was when my brother come down from the chicken pox as well. My family went to a restaurant for Xmas dinner and the air conditioner failed due to the number of people and the heat. They had the worse time and my brother is positive he picked up the pox germ from there.

Caleb still doesnt have any pox as yet, fingers crossed. He is not well and still not really eating but he does go through stages.

I promise if Caleb is lucky enough to have escaped the virus I will book him straight in for the injection!!!! Does anyone know if adults can get the injection. I dont want to get chicken pox after hearing the stories (and knowing what my brother went through) so I might enquire about that.

Thanks again everyone for your replies. Its lovely to hear from everyone. I will keep you all updated with his progress...

Big kisses to you all!!!

Hi Janeen,

Adults can get the chicken pox vaccine too, although my GP recommends getting a blood test done first to make sure you haven't had it as apparently he said many adults have had it and have never known as the chicken pox virus had been so mild. This was a little while ago and he said this because the blood test was going to be cheaper than the vaccine so he said to check first...don't know the difference in costs now but your doctor will inform you and let you know of your options!

How is Caleb going? I hope he is doing much better! I hope you are feling better too...I understand about the shift working but am lucky enough in the sense that my hubby rarely works through the night and early hours of the morning...the lastest he finishes is 11pm, but it still makes it hard as I think kids tend to get worse at you find that?

Anyway, still sending heaps of get well hugs and prayers to you and your family!

Take care

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hi Janeen & Nadine,

Just further on the whole vaccine for Chicken Pox thing... my GP recommended it to me for adults and children. Since I don't think I have had the Chicken Pox myself she said it would probably be a good idea to get myself done as well as my children. Of course being pregnant I can't get it at the moment, nor can I get my daughter done as it is a LIVE vaccine, which means you are actually infected with the virus so your body can make antibodies against it. I was also told, regardless of age it is $70 for the injection and anyone can have it as long as they are in good health at the time. I wasn't aware of the blood test to check for antibodies, but will certainly be opting for that before I get myself done. I know I have had measels twice... once when I was a few months old and had to be hospitalised and kept in a dark environment because I had them in my eyes... and once when I was 22 - boy did I get sick with them. I wouldn't wish any of these illnesses on a child or adult for that matter. If a $70 injection can hopefully prevent it, then I am all for it.

Hoping Caleb is feeling a little better and that you are too Janeen... I know the stress you must be feeling, Maddy has a rotten cold at the moment which looks like turning into an infection, just love that thick green mucous that keeps pouring out of her! Hope I don't get it too... 36 weeks 4 days and I do not want an infection now!!!

Take care, I'm sending healthy, happy thoughts your way...

Michelle smile

Hey Nadine and Michelle, Great to hear from you both. So far so good- no pox in sight.......SSSSHHHHH in case I put the mocka on myself.

Nadine, I think the night is worse when they are sick as you know your Drs is closed as is the chemist. The night just seems to go for ever. Its as though the day light is never going to come up. Plus you are so tired and would just about do anything for sleep!! How are your littles going?? I always seem to go on and on about me and my problems but I never seem to listen to you!!

Michelle, Poor Maddy, I hate seeing little ones with the yucky thick green nose. That is what Caleb gets when he has an ear infection. Its gross!! Caleb is at the point now he tries to clean it himself usually with the cuff of his shirt or the back of his hand which just spreads it all around. I really really hope and pray you dont get it you poor thing. Bring on summer.............

Thanks for listening AGAIN you lovely pair.

If ever I can help either of you please please let me know.

I will keep you posted on the pox front (sounds terrible I know but you both know what I am talking about).

Lots of love

Hello everyone!! Just an update NO POX!!!! YYYEEEEEEE HHHHHAAAAAAA
But he did end up with croup! Apart from that we have him booked in next week for his chicken pox vacination.

We did have to change his grommet operation as the surgeon is extending his holiday so it looks like it will be on the 20.08.04.

I hope everyone is well and no other nasty bugs.

Thank you all for your lovely kind words of help and support I cant begin to tell you how much I really appreciate it all.


Talk soon

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