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have you been lucky Rss

i was just wondering if any one has flooked some thing with there child.

my son at 18 months just desided he no longer wanted the two bottles he was having during the day i honestly thought i was going to have trouble getting him off bottles but no it was a peice of cake.

also it took my sister 3 days to toilet train her son because he told her he didn't want to ware nappies any more. how lucky is she!

so just wanting to know if any one else has goten lucky?

SA,27mths toddler

Hi !

with my first son I think I was really lucky he stopped drinking from the bottle when he was 12months old also took the dummy away from him the same age and without any trouble (he asked for it the first night but when I told him we don't have it he just didn't complain )and was fully toilet trained by 18 months !
I never knew how lucky I was until I had this little monster now
He is 21 months now and refusing the potty and of course he has the dummy and the bottle too still and I have no idea how to take it from him ! he just won't cooperate !!!
So yeah my luck has run out !!! But at least I was lucky with one hey ??
ok bye
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