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Hello Everyone! Rss

I just thought i would introduce my self to you all. My name is Jayne i have a 15mnths old son, we live in Brisbane. At 13days old my son had open heart surgery. My little man is fine now tho, the only side effect he will have from it is he will need to watch his high colesterol.
But anyways, a friend reccommended i join the Forum to get advise and share expierences with other people.

Hope you all have a good day

Jayne,Bris,15mnths toddler

Hi Jayne

I hope you enjoy the site as much i do.
I'm from brisbane too i have a son who was two at the end of December and i have another one on the way.

It is good to hear that your son is going to be ok look forward to reading some of your posts

Rylee 2 big brother to Tyler mummy angel boys

Hi Jayne !

My name is Silvia and I also live on Brisbanes north side ! where abouts in Brisbane you live ?
I have two boys one 13yrs and a 22months old !
Nice to hear that your boy is doing good !
Hope to hear from you more ! Keep in touch !
Hi Jayne,
My son Cameron, 12 months old, also had open heart surgery but at 13 weeks of age. We had to go to Melbourne for his surgery. Did you also? Luckily his heart is now repaired but his milestones are still quite behind for his age, but he's slowly catching up. I'm glad to hear that your little boy is going well.
Take care.

Leanne, SA

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