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going nuts!!!! Lock Rss

Just needed to vent! Its been a tough week and i'm feeling like im just about at boiling point! My poor little DD has been sick, she's got some sort of virus which affected her breathing, heart rate, gave her high temps, diarreah and vomitting. I spent wednesday and thursday nights in hospital with her, we came home friday and she really is much better, still quite a runny tummy, awful nappy rash and doesnt want to eat much. Now dont get me wrong I love my beautiful baby dearly and would do anything to take her yuckies away, but i have to say the constant whining and need to be held by mummy is just about to make my want to go bury my head under a pillow and stay there!!! My DH is a working day shift at the moment so it really is just me all day, we have no family over here and while normally im fine with it all i'm just so tired of the constant battle to get anything done.......

I'm sorry for complaining but really just needed to vent... i'm sure all will be fine and this too will pass, just a bit hard to deal with at the moment!

Thanks for listening guys

Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

A dear member of my family has had this same viral thing this week, too. Fevers, vomiting, diarreah, whinging and complaining. No, not one of my children - MY HUSBAND! It's just foul isn't it. I'll be so glad when he goes back to work tomorrow. When your little ones are sick, though, it is just awful. You are terrified at first and then the monotony and exhaustion set in. Like you said - all they want is you and you just can't make them happy. Try to eat well and sleep when she sleeps if at all possible. At least if you get some sleep in the day or early evening, you can do your housework at night. I hope your husband is understanding and can either help out or cope with a less than perfect house and meals for a few more days. All the best for your poor little bub. I pray she is well soon and you can all get back to normal....whatever that is!

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

I remember when Maya was in hospital with gastro last year I was going crazy too so you're not alone! I guess I was lucky that she was only 9 mths old tho, so she wqsn't old enough to whine, coz whining would drive me nuts too!
I hope your dd is feeling much better now. Our problem was that Maya recovered from the gastro after 2 days in hospital, but she had lost so much weight they kept her in for 7 days. So the last 5 days she was healthy and happy and bouncing around and it was so hard trying to keep her quiet and contained amongst all these other sick babies!

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

You whinge away!! You have to have a whinge every now and then or you would go crazy!! Its very hard when your children are sick and it is very draining.

I have no doubt you love your child probably as much as I love mine but I too have my days. It is hard on your own. My husband works 24/7 shift work so he usually has days off when I am at work and my son is in daycare. We can go weeks without have the same day off. That is stressful enough but when you put illness in the house it is 100 times worse.

Just remember to look after yourself as well, you dont want to be the next one sick. I hope your little one is feeling better in no time!

Take care,
Hi Bel,

That sounds just how i felt a couple of weeks ago. You could here me muttering things like, 'i don't know why you bothered learning to don't do much of it' or 'didn't anyone tell you that you aren't attached to me anymore'.

At least i am not the only who feels they are going crazy at times.


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi guys

thanks for the replies, it really is good to know your not alone sometimes!

Ella is doing much better, she's still got a bit of a runny tummy but her nappy rash is all but cleared up and her last day of antibiotics was yesterday so hopefully that'll help her tummy to settle. She's stil quite sooky but i guess u get that!

Thanks again

Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

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