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eczema and cholrine Lock Rss

HI everyone,

My 18mth old has had eczema ever since i stopped breastfeeding him at 6mths. At the moment i'm looking at getting him into more physical activites such as swimming and toddler gym. My only worry is how the chlorine might affect his eczema by making it worse.

Does any one have a child with eczema if so how are they chlorinated water??? We've been swimming a couple of times but only for short bursts in fear of his eczema worsening.

If any one has idea pls mag me back

Thanx heaps
Amy n Adam
Yes my kids both suffered from mild eczema and their skin did get a little worse from swimming in the public pools. You just need to make sure that they have a shower and then give them a good going over with sorbolene. the benefits of swimming lessons far outway the negatives.

have fun at the pool.


Thankyou for your reply,

we went to the pool on the weekend and adam loved it!! i gave him a good shower and then put the cream that we use to help with itch aswell and he was fine!!

anyway thankyou again
Hi Amy,

Know it has a been a while since you started this post but I wanted to let you know that my 17 mth old son has really bad eczema under his chin.

I use a product called "Aqueous" cream which is available from any chemist. Basically it is sorbelene & olive oil. When we go swimming, I make sure I give Jack a shower straight away, dry him properly and put some cream on.

The cream is also good for any flair ups, you can put is on just before they settle for bed
My son has excema as well, he has alot of trouble sleeping as he itches all the time. We're using a new cream from the doctor, which was great at first but not so great after a few months regular use. He has had a bad flare up lately, I'm not sure - could be the pool which is saltwater chlorinated (as saltwater pools are), but could also be dairy/soy allergy or any number of things. I have found that dr's are not very keen on allergy testing under 2's... has anyone else had this problem? I don't want to have to eliminate dairy yet but not just that my twins are always swapping their food and tasting each others and I don't want to have to eliminate dairy/soy/whatever from my daughters diet as well. Make sense?


Makes perfect sense that you dont want to eliminate foods. although as he gets older and the eczema gets worse u may have to. My son was covered head to toe when he was younger. i was sick and tired of cortisone creams to i saw a natrupath. then 9 months after having eliminated foods he wouldnt eat and i was getting frustrated. so i got a referal to the royal childrens hospital in melb. now we've introduced lactose free foods and also up to a slice of bread or the equvilant of wheat. its hard but we're to to have an allergy test in march (he'll b 2 and 1 month). so hopefully we'll find out for sure.

I heads up allergies normally fade at 2 thats y they dont like to allergy test. also if allergies dont fade by 2 there's a chance at 5 if they dont fade by then the'll most likely have them for life.

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