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Anyone had any experience with Laser Surgery? Lock Rss

Hi there mums,

My 16month old son has a "bruise"( a bit like spider veins i spose) on his left cheek, about the size of a 20 cent piece. When he was born he came out with such force, & in such a way that his fist was holding the cord & pushing against his cheek. This in turn has left a permanent mark that the docs thought may disappear in time. We have been to the Royal Childrens Hospital for a check up & now have to go back there to see a Laser surgeon in 4 weeks time. He will recommend any further treatment he feels necessary. It's purely a superficial mark as we have had ultrasounds to make sure it's all clear. Anyway, after all that has anyone experienced this type of thing before? Any comments would be great.

Thank you.


Michelle - Mum to 2

Hi Michelle,

I really wish i had something to share with you but sorry! All i can say is, at least it is all superficial, and no doubt, with todays technology, it will be a breeze to fix up!

Goodluck in 4 weeks and hope to hear of the results,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m


Thanks for your comments.

I am not concerned about the treatment he will receive because yes it is superficial. We are so lucky that we live in this day & age with technology at our fingertips, i'm sure it will be fixed easy & no scarring.

Although I know when the time comes I will be SLIGHTLY anxiuos!!!(thats what being a mum is about hey!!)

I will let you know the outcome early September.



Michelle - Mum to 2

Hi mums,

Just an update....

Well today was the day I took Nicholas back the the Royal Childrens Hospital to visit with the Laser surgeon. His diagnosis at this stage is to wait until he's 3.5years old & then see if it has faded at all. If not he will then have it fixed up.

Well I must say I was a little dejected with all of this as he also said that there was a 60% chance that they could reduce the "bruise" by 50%!!! So therefore it will always have some sort of mark there(although i didn't think of this until i was in the car!) He also said that he would have to be under a general anasthetic & that the laser they use for the red veins is ok but the one they use for the blue veins may cause some white scarring.

Having said that he would have done it now i think if we were desperate to have it over with, but we said we would be guided by him. Also said that if in the meantime (between now & October 2006!!!!!!) we wanted it done to call him & he would be booked in.

Hopefully by the time this comes around it will grow out, who knows. We have had 4 trips there now & everyone keeps saying the same thing, but ther has been no change at all.

Anyway, I know there are people in the world MUCH worse off than me, like those poor children & their families in Russia, so i'm having a whinge about nothing really.

Hope you are all well...........


Michelle - Mum to 2


I'm so sorry to hear that. I havent had experience with this myself, but feel terrible for you that after all that waiting .. you get told to come back in 2 years, I'd feel dejected too.

My 2yr old daughter was born with a split where her earlobe joins, and have been told many times by doctors this is nothing to worry about ... but her being a girl and all, I'm sure she'll be self concious about it when shes older and I'd really like something done about it, but noone will do it?? So, I guess in a way I can understand how you're feeling.

But you're right ... I cant imagine what it must be like for those children and their families in Russia, our problems seem so minute compared to that ... but they're still our babies!


Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

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