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Curly Hair! Lock Rss

My DD who's 2.5 has curly hair, its still really short but getting thicker but every day she ahs this patch at the back that getts so knotty and matted, its where she rests on her head when she sleeps. I have tried all the baby shampoos and at the moment im using vo5 spray on her hair to get the knots out but theyre back in half an hour!
Does anyone elses little one have this? My ds hair is straight and his is fine never gets knotty.

I think if i cut it it would get rid of the stringy bits but its so short and i didnt really want to do that anyway.
Any hints would be great!!!
Hey there, maybe you could try using a bit of baby oil in her hair after youve combed out her knots... I use it in my hair all the time... hope it helps with your DD's hair... smile

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