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Pretending about Pain Lock Rss

Hi Everyone

At the moment I have a 3 year old who hasn't got of the lounge for 2 days due to a sore foot. We thought he had broken his foot yesterday due to a stair fall, but nothing is broken. The doctor is puzzled as to why he can't walk on his foot still and was wondering whether toddlers can fake pain. I don't think he is faking all the pain, but it seems sometimes he is doing something jsut cause he is getting looked after and getting everything he wonts. This is his first serious accident and so hasn't been in this position before, so how would he fake this type of pain if he hasn't expireniced it before. Am at my wits end as to what to do with him, he just wont move of the lounge, am having to carry him everywhere, including the toilet, and he wont even stand to go to the toilet. It is making life hard when i go out since i have a 7 week old. Please any one had a toddler go through this.

Thanks in advance
Hi Heather
not sure if this is of any help but... my friends 3 year old was in a slight car accident, spent a few days in hospital, heaps of x-rays tests etc and then given the all clear. A few days later he still would not walk so back to the doc. Everything was fine no reason why he can't walk etc. A few days later still wouldn't walk and we were all starting to think 'faking it' for attention or whatever. My friend is a chiropracter junkie so she ended up taking her boy to him. He examined him said his leg was out of alignment and did a bit of manipulation. He still didn't walk that day but started the next. (he was at a party when he started walking) so we are still not sure what cured him. My friend swears by her chiro so it is just an idea.
Good luck and hope your boy feels better.

Kelly,QLD, boy 23.01.03 and girl 08.04.05

i cant comment coz my little one cant really even talk, but my friends 3/4 yr old is really demanding, and her mother is not at all consistant with the 'disaplining' (as such). the child will do something bad/wrong and the mother will say 'right no chips/chocolate' and within four mins the child is eating what they want and when and the mother just shruggs her sholders and thats it. you may agree with this but it annoys me when it envolves my child!
now getting back to the point (sorry), at the moment she has been sick almost everyday for months, its always a cold, sore ear, sore leg,sore something but she is never too sore to have a fight with her mother at any time of the day. this isnt really giving you the idea i want to give but i find myself rolling my eyes everytime i hear something is wrong with her.
i personally think that her parents dont give her enough attention so she 'thinks' she is sick/sore all the time to get any attention good or bad, what do you think? am i just not being open minded and just shutting off how would you react to this?

reading back through this its not very nice but it does bother me i would like to hear what you think are all 3/4 yr olds like this?

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam


Just thought I would update people on what is happening with my sons foot, which is has just started to put pressure on, but still is limping and has good days and bad days. Got a second lot of x-rays done and they found a hairline fracture. I knew there was something wrong, my son is normally a strong active boy, least now I know what the problem is. Nothing can be done about it though, only time will heal it.

Hi Heather,

At least you now know the reason for your sons pain, even if it can't be fixed immediately.

Hope he is feeling better & up & about soon.

Good luck.

Michelle - Mum to 2

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