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3yr Old present at birth of No2 Lock Rss

Hi I was just wondering, to cut a long story short basically due to a lack of options our 3yr old will be at the birth of our baby due in August I was wondering if anyone has done this and what did you do to make it go smoothly. Any tips would be great. Thanks
Wow, you are game to have your 3yr old at the birth.I didn't want my 3yr old to freak out or have to worry about him whilst i was in labour with my 2nd son, so he stayed with grandparents.

Maybe plently of books, toys, games or a video in another room, you probably know that they can be easily distracted, so arm him or her with lots of things to do. Also they may freak out if they see mummy in pain or they could be totally engrossed, so i guess you will have to be prepared for their reaction. Not something i would do in a hurry, but i hope it all goes well for you all.

Sal, two mischief boys 4yrs & 16 mth's

I had plenty of family to look after No 1 while having No 2, so this issue didn't arise for me, but you did get me thinking.

Have you talked to the midwives at the hospital? surely they have seen this situation before. If they are aware that your older child will be present they may be able to have extra staff to help entertain No 1. Also, some bigger hospitals offer creche services.

Good luck

Sarah, Mum of 2 boys

hi bris mummy,

i have includedmy kids in the births of their siblings.
dd1 was 6yrs when dd2 came along and dd2 was 2yrs when dd3 arrived.

to prepare them in the lead up to the birth i talked with them about what would happen, how i would feel, that i may make strange noises etc. i sourced birth videos to watch so they had some idea of what a birth can be like.

with my two yearold i kept descriptions brief and age appropriate, i would often talk about how we would go to hospital and the baby would be born out of mummy's bottom.

we read the book 'hello baby' a lot find a copy it is just beautiful. it is the story of a homebirth but usful for hospital births too.
talks about the birth and has beautiful and detailed illustrations of a baby being born.

we packed plenty of amusements for the kids.

we arranged support persons for the kids. this was incase i felt i needed to concentrate and in case they needed to go in another room.
i realise that you don't have close family, perhaps you could look into hiring a doula to attend your birth? doulas are trained support for birthing and could help out either with your child or supporting you if your hubby supports your child.
a close friend who could attend the birth to help out may be an option? i would recommend attending your local group of the Australian Breastfeeding Association now while you are pregnant as a great place to meet supportive mums, if you have a while before the birth you may meet someone who you feel comfy enough with to be your childs support person?
or perhaps at playgroup or your community health centre?

i loved having my kids be involved in the birth of their siblings.
i will always remember hearing dd2's little voice, excitedly saying "i can see the head". LOL priceless.

mum of 3 girls

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