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hi mumzy,
couldn't reply to your post so thought i'd just start anew thread incase anyone wanted to reply (like me, lol smile )

you sounded liek you're feeling a bit anxious about leaving your bubs. i 'm not sure who you'd be leaving bubs with ?was it your parents or has it been suggested that your 13 and 14yr old neices/nephews babysit?

i personally can relate to not feeling comfy leaving my bubbas with teenagers. and hey thay are our precious babies, it's pretty normal to be careful who you leave them with.

it sorta sounded like you were worried that you are being over anxious. if so and your partner thinks bubs will be safe and youknow that responsible adults, are looking after bubs, perhaps you could sorta wean yourself into leaving him.
maybe try spending some time with whoever your leaving him with(your parents?) and then try leaving hiim for a short amount of time during the day and gradually work up to a night outing.

good luck.

mum of 3 girls

to read mumzy's post see' how do you leave your first child with others.'

mum of 3 girls

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