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screaming 16tmh old plz help? Lock Rss

hi well my 16 mth old daughter has recently strating chucking the biggest tantrums and she stands there and screams out at the top of her lungs right in front of your face her whole face goes bright red and she does this proberly anywhere between 20 and 30 times a day it is now only 12:00 noon and i have a throbbing headache and it is driving me crazy she wont stop doing it i have smacked her for it which makes her worse and i have tryed ignoring her and i have even tryed screaming back at her but nothing is working then after she finishes screaming she chucks herself on the floor and goes mental does anyone have any ideas which i can try will she stop doing this soon?i hope so cause we are having another baby in december and i am scared she will get worse plz someone help it is really starting to get to me i feel so frustrated all the time .
Hi Nat,

I have a 16 month old son & although he doesn't have these type of episodes your describing, he does like to hit & also likes to throw stuff at his sister. We have recently started doing the "time out" thingy by putting him in his cot & telling him that it's not a nice thing to do. Then we walk out & close the door. We only leave him in there about 2 mins & then go & get him. He always gives us a big cuddle when his out. The throwing has reduced, but the hitting is still the same!!!!

Maybe you could try this(if you haven't already). It's a firm guideline that you can use & maybe she'll understand the consequences if she screams again!!! We like to THINK they don't understand too much, but i'm sure they understand more than we give them credit for.

Anyway enough of my rambling on, I hope this works cos it's the only suggestion I have!!!

Good luck.


Michelle - Mum to 2

our daughter is 21 months old.We went through this a little while ago and resolved it by:Whenever she threw a big wobbly we lowered ourself to her level asked her to stop in a normal voice,and if she continued we took her to her room and put her in her cot.We left her for 5 minutes and asked her to stop crying and she could come back downstairs.If she continued I would leave her their a bit longer.I continued this to she stopped.Sometimes she would fall asleep!!!!!!!!! Let us know how you go.

Kellie,Qld,21mnth old princess

Hi emsmum
I done the same thing and it all ways works with my little one. like your little one my 2 year old
would fall asleep too.

liz,qld,due 3 may 05

Hi! Most the time they are simply doing this for attention. I've also done the time out in the room which does work, but another thing to try is just walk away, don't even acknowledge her or talk to her just get up and walk away and don't come back until she's stopped. if you watch her secretly, when you leave she'll sit up and look to see where you went becuase she doesn't have an audience now. Pretty soon she'll realise there's no point if theres no-one there to see it.

Give it a go and let us know if anything works for you.

Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

I really feel for you. My 21mth old did some screaming for a while particularly when my new bub was born. It was definitely attention seeking. I found that by kneeling down and talking to her calmly really helped. It is so hard in that loud, stressful environment to remain composed and unshaken by the yelling but try to lead by example. act how you want her to act. I admit that I have screamed back at my daughter on several occaisions when I have lost the plot and I was also quite ashamed to realise that she learnt the yelling from me. I'm now trying to teach her (and myself) better ways to get rid of frustration ie. don't even let it get to the screaming point. Communication.

Karin,VIC 3yr old 5 yr old

Hi I too have a screaming 18mth "not happy jan"
I am at my wits end my sister lent me her book The Mighty Toddler its a Robin Barker book she swears by it so just need to find a few minutes in the day between screaming tantrums & screaming tantrums to read it.
I will keep you posted though till next time ear plugs away!!

Laura nsw 2 boys 18mths & 4

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