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Shampoo/Body Wash Lock Rss

What brand shampoo and body wash do you use on your toddler? I was using Johnson's Kids and his scalp is so dry and dandruff-ie. I don't know why I used johnson's because he used to get a rash from johnson's products when he was a newborn. You just can't get anything else from supermarkets/department stores.
Hi, I use QV Body wash (i use it for hair and body). Soap-free. Lathers up well. No smell. I've used QV from when he was a newborn - he's now 3.

You can buy this in chemists.

Dermaveen is another one. I'm using it for my scalp and apparently (according to the website) safe to use on babies too. (oatmeal shampoo & conditioner - good for dry scalps)
[Edited on 13/09/2009]
HI my DS is 16mths and i use Gaia Shampoo, yes it is expensive but u dont need much of it. And i use Johnsons Soothing Naturals as a body wash. He occassionally gets dry skin so i have QV wash in the cupboard just incase.

I don't use anything except for a few drops of lavender oil or something similar. Soap is either sorbolene or a shampoo/bodywash (all in one) from a health food store that is totally natural or a homemade soap. You can buy the GAIA range at most supermarkets and dept stores.
I'm currently using johnson and johnson products but I'm going to change to the Gaia range. Its a bit expensive and you can also buy it online.
I use GAIA for both shampoo & body wash on my daughter. Although it's bit expensive, it's worth it. I used other brands shampoo on my daughter before, her head skin was very dry and got skin peel off. After using GAIA, it's totally fine.
I too use GAIA on my DD's and it's great.
It's more expensive but it lasts heaps longer as you only need a few drops.

Jurlique - and not as expensive as you would think and lasts for ages

Jurlique - and not as expensive as you would think and lasts for ages

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