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Hi to all the Huggies Mums

Brushing your toddler's teeth can sometimes be a little trying. Do you have any tips or advice for other mums on how to care for their toddlers teeth? In fact how do you manage to get a toothbrush into their mouth at all?

We look forward to hearing your tips.


My 3 year old refused to let us get into his mouth with a toothbrush to let us brush his teeth. It wasn't till Grandma bought him an electric toothbrush 6 months ago that he started brushing his teeth without any hassles. He now happily goes into the bathroom before bed and gets his toothbrush and starts brushing his teeth, without any hassles or arguements. If only we had discovered the electric toothbrush sooner, the hosuehold would have been a happier one.


I must agree with HaydnsMummy, my gorgeous daughter was a challenge and half just to try and get her to clean her teeth. There were many a moment of screeming and mouth clamp shut. It wasnt until my older kids recieved an electric toothbrush that I thought I would give it a go on Miss Two Year old. Low and behold mouth wide open and happy as pig in mud. I would definetly recommended it, or at least give a go.


Julianne, mum of 3 princes and 1 princess

Maybe my daughter is a little easer convinced but we sing the song 'brush your teeth' and she has a go at cleaning mine and then her mouth opens wide so I can brush hers - only for a few quick scrubs, though! You have to be very fast. Then she grabs the brush so she can do it herslef.
My son is only 14 months, but every morning I say to him "time to brush our teeth" and he follows me into the bathroom. I give him his toothbrush and I have mine and he tries to copy me. I am hoping this will be a good habit when he gets older and it is a more important time to be brushing his teeth. He also likes me to take his brush and brush along his wee 4 teeth. Of course he hasn't tried the toothpaste yet.

Deena NZ New mum

Hi All, just wondering my 23 month old brushes his teeth with water as he won't spit it out, is this ok or should i be using toothpaste anyway?
Hi manda82

My daughter is 2.4 years old, she uses MacCleans Milkteeth toothpaste and loves the taste of it, she puts it on her toothbrush herself (sometimes too much) and spends ages brushing her teeth. I usually fill the bottom of the sink with water so she can dip her brush in as often as she wants (she has a little step she stands on). You could try this toothpaste and see if your little one likes it.

Rachel, TAS (Paige 21/6/02)

I have had no problem with my 20 mth old daughter brushing her teeth, when she see's the tooth brush she opens her mouth and lets me brush them then when iam finished i let her do it and then she puts her tooth brush in the basin, i think its coz she likes the taste of the tooth paste.

Ann - Mummy To Taneesha, Jesse & Hallie

My 20 month old daughter also loves brushing her teeth. I let her stand on her little chair at the basin with the tap running and she does it her self with no toothpaste. I give them a quick brush first as she doesnt do it properly and she hates giving up her toothbrush when its time to finish.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

I bought two of those small baby-sized brushes, so my daughter can brush her teeth or my teeth and I can be getting my brush into her mouth in between times.
i personally think that if kids dont use toothpaste at first it shouldnt really be a big deal.
the main thing is that they get into a routine of brushing before bed.
the night time brush is more important as tooth decay can be faster at night.
when we sllep our mouths stop producing saliva. and this lets plaque build faster.
thats why they say its good to chew SUGAR FREE chewing gum after eating as it stimulates saliva.

also i think this is why we get 2 sets of teeth. the first set is to practise on. smile . and if the 2nd set dont get looked after ......... well we end up gummy at 30

i wish my mum made us brush b4 bed and not just in the mornings. ive got holes galore . sad .

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

I've been brushing my daughter's teeth since they first arrived at 5 months. This christmas, (she's one now) she was given a pink colgate electric toothbrush made for little kids and she loves it! I use colgate baby toothpaste too, which has less fluride in it than adult toothpaste, so it doesn't matter if they swallow some. Just use a tiny amount. I've also heard that it helps to give your toddler a toothbrush to brush your teeth while you're brushing theirs. I think it's also important to let them see you brush your own teeth, so they know it's just part of every day life.

Ellie, NSW, DD 3 yrs & TTC # 2

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