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my girl is neally 2 and i can not get near her teeth to brush them, she will chew on a brush, but that all, when i even try to do she cracks it.
I know i have to do something soon , because her back teeth are already going yellow.
Hi Missymoo800

I know what you mean my girl is nearly 2 as well and she won't let me near her with a toothbrush she tries to brush them herself and she always asks for more toothpaste I use the colgate toothpaste and she brushes them in the bath after her dinner. I use an electric toothbrush myself and Ashlyn evens puts that in her mouth maybe I should try an electric brush I alredy have the kids soft brush heads for it.
Can anyone tell me at what age children should start going to the dentist?

Jordan is 3 and he hasn't been yet. I don't like my chances of getting him to sit in the chair, open his mouth and *not* bite the dentist.

I'm just wondering if he should be going for checkups yet?
I asked my dentist this question yesterday and he said from about 12 months, even if the baby has no teeth. Apparently they can check the gums etc to see if there will be problems in the future. I've booked my "almost 12 months" twins in about 2 weeks time, so I'll be able to tell if the visit was worth it or just another way to make me part with my money grin

Twins' Mum, VIC, E & A born 4/04

If you could let me know how it went, that would be great!

I'm not sure that I would want to know that he is going to need braces in 10 years time....although with the price they already are, I may need 10 years to save up for them smile

Will do, Jaime. Wonder how the dentist will distract them long enough for them to open their mouths for him to look. You're right about the saving part. Dentists are so expensive even with health insurance, so I guess the earlier a problem is identified, the sooner it can be fixed - or as you say, to start saving. smile

Twins' Mum, VIC, E & A born 4/04

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I brush Kaynes teeth for him first, then i brush my teeth and let him hold his toothbrush and 'brush' his own teeth, we have been doing this since he was 10mths old!! Works good for me!!

Amanda, Qld, 13mth boy

Hi Jaime

Well we had the first visit to the dentist today. He basically just checked whatever teeth were there to make sure there was enough room for the teeth to grow properly. For my daughter, who has 8 teeth now, based on her lower jaw, she may have a problem with overbite later so we'll have to monitor it (that means "start saving" LOL). My son's first two bottom teeth are just cutting through now and he said there were no problems with him. As expected, the one with the mouthful of teeth refused to open her mouth whereas the toothless one was happy to give a great big gummy smile smile

Depending on how much you have to pay, it is probably not really worthwhile visiting the dentist at this young age (1 year). My two don't understand the concept of "open wide" yet, unless there's a spoonful of food. However, the pro is that they will get used to the dentist and the environment (we hope) and they would be more co-operative next time. My dentist just charged whatever my health cover would rebate, so it didn't really cost me anything. And it probably took less than 5 minutes each.

Twins' Mum, VIC, E & A born 4/04

Just wanted to share some info:
babies are born with no decay causing bacteria in their saliva so we should try not to share our toothbrush or eating utensils with them especially if we haven't had our teeth checked for a while. If you have decay in your mouth you could pass it on to your bubs and teething is bad enough for them let alone a tooth ache!

My babies are all grown up sad

I have two toothbrushes for my daughter. One so she can get used to it and will chew on it whilst she is in the bath and the other one I use to brush her teeth. I had a little resistance at first but now use just a little bit of McLeans Milk Teeth and have no problems as she likes the taste:)

Sonia,NSW,12mth old


I started brushing my daughter's teeth at 3 1/2 months. She was an early teether. I used a Nuk first toothbrush because it was really soft.

She's now 20 months with a mouth full of teeth and very willingly goes into the bathroom to have them brushed. I do it first and then she does the front ones. When she's done she hands the brush to me and says "Wash". It's actually really cute.


Mum to (Olivia 3 Feb 2004) & (Emily 26 Jan 2006)

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