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My little 20mth DS loves brushing his teeth (he runs to the bathroom calling out "teeth teeth!!!"). BUT he has to have the tap running so that he can happily splash around while I'm brushing his teeth. Other times, he chews on another toothbrush (an adults one, so that his mouth remains opened around it) and I scrub away at his teeth.

He doesn't spit the toothpaste out, but sucks happily on the toothbrush. I'm just hoping it's OK cos there is NO way he's going to spit the toothpaste's too delicious =P

I've noticed, however, that the gumline of his front teeth is getting slightly yellow. Is it the way I'm brushing? (I brush in and out rather than side-to-side).

C4Lin, WA ; DS(1) 25 02 04 ; DS(2) 10 10 06

my little guy refused at first so i started brushing my teeth in front of him just before i did his.

now he's older i taught him go ahh like tarzan (sound cute too hehe) and he thinks it's a great laugh.

when he starts to play up again i just go back to brushing mine before his again and the bonus is my teeth get an extra scrub too!

At first my 2 1/2 year old little man hated the toothbrush, then we got him an electric toothbrush and he loved it...then next we put some toothpaste on it (we tested 3 different kind of toothpaste). His favourite one was the Oral B berry bubble flavour. Now he want his toothbrush everynight.
Good luck
This is one of our biggest struggles at the moment! Our 20mth old happily goes to the bathroom, loves toothpaste, will play with the toothbrush herself, but hardly lets me get in there! I sing and carry on, praise wildly when I get any brushing done, but it's a constant battle! I tell her to spit, nothing comes out, but she keeps trying with great delight. I try in the morning after breakfast, and let her play with the toothbrush in the bath at night. I too am looking for more help......
My 3 year old has recently started co-operating with me after I bought him a shrek electric toothbrush. So now I regularily by new toothbrushes and this holds his interest.

My 23 month old on the other hand refuses to co-operate. He sucks the toothpaste off the brush and runs around with it but wont let me brush his teeth.

I've been forcing it by pinning him down but recognise that this is not a good way to make brushing a positive experience for the future.
What do I do?

fortunately for me my DS (21 months) has loved to brush his teeth since he started to see me clean mine about 6 months ago. i got him his own toothpaste that tastes like bubblegum. i made him grin at me and i brushed his front teeth, then i got him to open his mouth and i brushed the rest, then i gave him the toothbrush to do it himself, he tries so hard but just ends up chewing on the brush, but at least he doesnt hate brushing his teeth.
[Edited on 09/07/2007]
Hi Lauraine

My little one was the same - but one night after many tears, finally let me brush his teeth. I don't necessarily think it was anything I had done except persistance.

Now he sucks the toothpaste off and gives me the brush and he is more than happy to let me do it - has to be quick though!

I hope you have success soon!

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My husband who usually brushes his teeth with our daughters, lets her brush his teeth with a electric toothbrush and she also brushes her own. He then has a go brushing her teeth, getting what she missed. She finds this so much fun and mind you so does my husband.

A while ago there were a few people having trouble with getting their children to brush their teeth- and a new product called Tooth Tunes was mentioned.

I saw an ad for them last night- they are now available at Target and Kmart.

The toothbrush makes musical vibrations when the child or their parents are brushing their teeth- how cool is that.

Anyhow just incase anyone was interested and hadn't seen the ad- there is some info- might help out with some reluctant tooth brushing toddlers

As far as pinning him down not being a positive experience don't worry because the fact that you do it and keep doing he will learn that it has to be done and will eventually let you.
I started brushing my kids teeth as soon as they came through and used to brush their gums before they got teeth, but at times they all went through phases of not wanting to brush, which is when I also had to pin them down. I sit in the loungeroom with my child laying on my lap or standing between my legs with their head resting back on my leg so I can see all their teeth. This way I can even floss their teeth as its easier to get inside their mouths than standing in the bathroom but they see me brush mine in the bathroom and know that when they are bigger this is what they will do too.
I've been a Dental Nurse on and off for the last 8yrs and sometimes the best way to brush your kids teeth is to hold them down! Eventually they do learn that it has to be done and things like electric toothbrushes and oral B ages and stages flavoured toothpastes do help to make it more fun for them.

boys, boys, boys

We say the same thing "It's teeth time" to announce the routine, usually after the evening bath (after dinner). Now she usually says it first.

Always try to do it in the same place - the bathroom.

Sit her on the vanity so she's up high where I can get to her and she can spit in the basin. (We use paste.)

Ask her to Look up at the lights over the vanity so her mouth comes open (she loves lights).

Tell her why we're cleaning teeth, "There's some food stuck in there" or tell her I want to count her teeth because Granma said she had some more (I have no idea why my mother always checks out my daughter's teeth; i try to keep well away - its dangerous in there!)

Just a few ideas that usually work for my 20-mo daughter.


PS. what is this forum shorthand...DS, DD, DH? I get that the second letter is son, daughter, husband, but the 'D'?
Hi There,
I am very interested about this one too. My son will put his own toothpaste on the brush and then suck it off and will also put water on it and suck on the brush but i just cannot gain control of the brush myself.

Does anybody have any ideas ???

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