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Immunisation reactions Lock Rss

Hi all,
My 13 month old son had all his shots last week and a week to the day later he had some not so good reactions. He was really irritable and extremely out of character. He also had a really high temp that was hard to keep down. He woke several times during the night and the scariest part of all was that he was doing these jolts, like mini convulsions (took him to emergency with this but they said it was normal with a high temp). Anyway as quick as it came on it was gone. It only lasted about a day and night. I just wondered if any other children were affected like this for their one year immunisation as his previous shots had no side effects at all!

Laura DS July 03, DD Oct 05, DD Nov 08

Hi, I have recently bought a magazine which I had never heard of before (i think that it is a new publication) it is called "informed choice". They had some very helpful and interesting information about immunisation and reactions from it. I recommend it to anybody who is interested in this topic.

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

Yes my DD came up in a rash and had high fever as well. We also went to emergency and they recommended that for the next MMR we should have it done at the childrens Hospital in case of any severe reaction. All a bit worrying. But then if you read up on what the actual diseases can do to a child it's definitely worth it.

tired and feeling old

We only recently had our sons yearly immunisation and the first night he had a high fever. All was fine the next day and several days afterwards. About 3 or 4 days after he had high fever again but only at night for 3 nights but only for a few hours and as quick as it came on it disappeared. He also had no side effects at all.
there is always a chance that it wcoudl be alot worse then it loks and what you here about but my little boy had apneas due to the immunisation and they were lethal so i have choisen not to immunise him anymore my daughter also suffered from a reactinon to the point that she wasnt able to handle any weight on her legs so if you child reacts please dont push your luck and risk loosing them from the immunisation i almost lost my son on more then one occations because of this.
Hi Laura 1
My daughter is 14 months old and had her 12 month needles on time. She reacted to the MMR needle 8 days after with high fevers for 3 days and then the rash appeared and lasted for about 2 days. I found it interesting that you mentioned the jolts. Mackenzie was actually in hospital for an operation on her foot at the time that the fever started. We were not sure what was causing the fever, although I had my suspicions. We didn't sleep for 2 nights as she kept dozing off and then jolting awake and crying. The nurses put this down to a side effect of the morphine that she was on. On speaking with my GP later, she said that it was more likely to be the fever making her jolt awake, not the morphine. She also said that this kind of reaction was extremely rare. Mackenzie had never reacted to any other immunisation either.

Kirrillea, mum of 2

We have a 5 month old baby and following much research, reading and discussion with other parents (who's children have suffered from the effects of vaccinations) and many health professionals, we have decided not to vaccinate our baby. The more we research the more we know we have made the right decision for our baby's health (both short-term and long-term). I am not into pounding my view into people, all I can say is that we made an informed choice not to vaccinate. It's an extremely personal decision and whether you vaccinate or not should be your decision alone (as a parent/caregiver), as no-one loves your child more than you do - however, I would strongly suggest that you make an informed decision - ask lots and lots of questions about what is being injected into your precious children and what the risks and effects can be. You have a right to know. I would be interested to hear from any other parents/caregivers who also have made a decision not to vaccinate.
Our 1 year old just had his immunisations and has no side effects. Apart from being cranky and very unsettled for about 3 days afterwards. This has been the case with all his shots.

I did, however have a good think about immunisation when I was pregnant. You see, it seems (or so the blood-tests tell me) that I have a natural immunity to most things that they immunise against. I have never had chicken pox or anything of the sort. In fact, I had rubella when I was 12 years old, but that was caused by the immunisation that I was given at school (MMR). My mother never allowed me to have immunisations, as she too, had a natural immunity. After she died, however, my father took over my upbrining, and was not aware of this. Hence the MMR shot, and my subsequent bout of rubella.

We decided to immunise our son. Not knowing whether he was naturally immune or not, we decided it would be better to be safe than sorry.

Michelle, Brisbane

Can I just say that I believe immunisation to be absolutely critical, not only for our own baby's sake but for children who perhaps have conditions which prevent them from being immunised. It is only by having our children immunised that we are able to stop diseases spreading to these more vunerable infants (the ones who can least afford being infected).

I certainly agree with advice already posted about seeking information about immunisation, but from what I had read many of you are still misinformed. Speak to your GPs before you take family and friends advice, they may mean well but a GP is trained to have all the facts. Immunisation is so important but it also a very emotive issue.

My son is fully immunised and experience no side effects. I also researched immunisation thoroughly.

Little buddy and Big girl


My daughter had her 12 month needles (she is 13 months) on Thursday and since then she has had a high temperature which with Panadol and next to no clothing has now broken. Once the high temp was gone she was cold and clammy. She has not slept properly for the last 2 nights and wakes crying out every hour or so, hence I have had hardly any sleep myself! She is also INCREDIBLY irritable and is crying and wanting cuddles all the time. She is also not eating properly. She has never experienced a reaction to immunisations like this before and I am reluctant to take her back to have the measles shot in 4 weeks.

Hopefully in the long run she will benefit from the immunisations!


4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &


I respect your right to vaccinate your child, but please do not assume that people who have not vaccinated their children are misinformed and relying only on information from family and friends. Anyone who does that is certainly putting their child's health at risk.

On the contrary (I can only speak for myself) but I have seen ABS statistics and spoken with many fully trained and extremely experienced health professionals, including reading publications from GP's themselves who do not believe in vaccinating children (and indeed have not vaccinated their own children) as they have seen first hand the illness, injuries and deaths associated with vaccinations. As a result of our extensive research, we have come to the conclusion that it is not in our baby's health interests to vaccinate her. I am certainly not misinformed, I consider myself to be a highly educated and intelligent person who is quite capable of making my own decisions when it comes to my baby's health. And yes, it is an emotive issue, but please respect my right as a parent to raise my child as I see fit.

I am pleased that your son has experienced no side effects from his vaccinations. But you may wish to speak with parents whose children have suffered from the effects of vaccinations, consequences of which they now have to live with. Any caring, loving parent is going to make decisions based on facts and correct information. We have done that and no doubt you have as well and although you and I have reached different conclusions, we have all made the decision with our children's health in mind, because no matter what decision you make regarding you child's health it has to be a decision that you can live with. If we chose to vaccinate, that decision would go against not only the information I have gathered but also against my instincts - a feeling as a parent that no one else can have when it comes to my own child.
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