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Stranger Danger Lock Rss

Does anyone have a problem with their little one just going up to strangers? Mia has done it since she could crawl and now I am starting to get worried as she will go and grab their hand, lift her arms to be picked up, kiss them, hug them, smile, laugh - the works.

It might sound very cute but I don't have eyes in the back of my head and it is quite daunting when I have to take her shopping IYKWIM!

hi Kylie,

DD is 14 months and sometimes is social with strangers, she will smile at them, wave but never really gone up to them unless I am there with her. She is always making sure I am there and I have noticed before she does anything she hasnt done before she will look to me for approval. Thats a good thing, but they are too young to teach them stranger danger isnt it?
Isnt it funny, we want our kids not to be too shy and be confortable with people etc, but then there is that limit and problem with strangers when they do get older. At what age do we start with the stranger danger stuff? Or maybe I should ask at what age do they understand it??

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