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Makes himself vomit Lock Rss

Does anyone else have a child out there who deliberately makes themself vomit by sticking their fingers down their throat? My son is nearly 2 & he vomited in his bed & later in the afternoon I saw him gag after putting his fingers in his mouth. When I first saw him doing this I'd tell him off & smack his hand, as he wouldn't stop doing it. I think it was more of a curiosity thing, as he likes to fake cough as well & this must have brought a new reaction he was intrigued by. Has anyone else encountered this & what helped you to curb this behaviour?
My son use to do this as well, but never to the stage he made himself vomit. I figured it was something new to experiment with. New sound/ great reaction from mum and dad! It got worse when we reacted to him doing it... so started to simply ignore him. Haven't heard, or seen him do it for a while now.
DS was a good one with the fake cough as well from when he was quite young. It always seemed to be an attention thing to let me know he wanted out of his cot after a sleep. I'd walk in, and say hello. He now calls out 'helloooo???' instead! smile

Sue, DS b. Mar 2004


This must be very distressful for you! But kids will be kids - and he is obviously looking for your attention - but they just don't realise that sometimes mum has other things she needs to be doing! I think that what you have been doing sounds great however if he still isn't responding then I think the tobasco idea seems like a goodie. I think the biggest thing is to take the reaction out of it. My daughter has never vomited but she does throw terrible tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants - and we now find that as soon as she doesn't have an audience - it doesn't happen!

I hope that you find a relief soon!


Arianna, Reagan & Oakley

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