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VERY Emotional 2.5 year old girl. Lock Rss

Hi there..
Just wondering if anyone else 2/3 year old DD is over emotional. My DD gets upset by everything. Some days are great but others are horrible. She seems to cry at the drop of a hat and if another child hurts her or pushes her she just loses it.
I just worry that she is a little too emotional.. I know it can be apart of her development but I see other children and they don't seem to behave like this.

I have found my daughter who is 2.5 years old too is also emotional and will often cry at the drop of the hat. This morning i said (after breakfast, and after brushed teeth), "No more milk" when she went to the fridge door to get some more. This led to instant tears and crying that was totally OTT for what it was. There are many instances like this where she just cries when not getting her own way - but different from a tantrum where she is fighting to get her own way if you know what i mean. She gets upset easily. I asked a relative with 3 young girls and she said that they all went through this stage!! It probably passes... hopefully. Makes you feel bad though. good luck
My DS is also a very emotional child, and he is 4 and shows no signs of changing. He was an incredibly uptight baby, and i think will be an emotional adult! I think for some kids it is a stage, especially just before they make some kind of physical or cognitive leap, but for others it is just their temprement. I found the book "raising your spirited child" really helpful in understanding my son's intensity and managing it. Good luck!

oh thank god im not the only one!!! DD is and always has been an emotional child and all of my friends have outgoing happy children except me!!! glad im not the only one going through it, I think DD will continue like this though i dont think it will change any time soon sad just like some of the pp she cries if a child goes near her or an adult speaks to her and she doesnt want them to, she cries if she gets something taken off her or gets pushed (rightfully so to lol) but it just gets so frustrating sometimes!!!
I understand only all to well.. My son now 5 1/2 years is very emotional and it all started around the age of 2 years.

After many days of nearly tearing my own hair out I sent him to preschool for my own sanity and for his own benifit. It was a very hard time and he is still emotional but now that he is older he is a lot better.

I got together with the pre school teachers and we both agreed to learn to ignore the crying and silliness and to just say to him come back and talk to me when you can control yourself. for a while there through his frustration it got a little worst but now he is a lot better.

I have actually found since my son started kindergarten this year he is even better cause at 5 1/2 years if your going to cry over everything the other kids would just laugh at you and yes its cruel but I think sometimes its the only way they learn there lesson..

Good luck!!!
Thank you all for your replies. I think some of you were right in that this behavior is just them. And I think now, rather than trying to change her too much maybe I need to learn to understand her better and why she feels the way she does! No to tackle the rest of the 'nearly 3' year old problems we're having!! Can any of you suggest a good book on this and other topics??
The thing is that babies and toddlers aren't born knowing how to deal with emotions...they need to be guided. Ignoring them isn't going to 'teach' them how to cope with anger and frustration, sadness and disappointment and the million other emotions that they might be feeling. When DS2 has a meltdown I try and put words to his feelings. So if he wants more breakfast but has had 5 weetbix and half a slice of toast and can't possibly be hungry then I get down to his level or pick him up and say something like "I know that you want more breakfast and that you are upset that mummy is saying no". So I've acknowledged what he is most likely feeling and then I distract him with something else and this usually works a million times better than walking away because he is whining at me. Sometimes there is nothing for it but a cuddle on the sofa or in bed until he has calmed down.

Short and sweet usually works best at this age. I think sometimes that what they feel scares them because it's not something that they quite understand. I've found that frustration in our house is the major cause of 'blowups' for DS2 who is also 2.5

Ian Grant has a book called Growing Great Boys, which is fab, but he also has one about girls that might be worth a read. I know the boys one breaks it down why they do what they do and ways to cope with it. Dr William Sears has general parenting books that talk about child development but he's not for everyone as he is very pro attachment parenting which is also not for everyone.

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