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daily war! Lock Rss

Hi all-
my 2 1/2 year old dd is really driving me mad recently. She's got an extremly strong will over many things but the one that's the hardest at the moment is getting her dressed. She fights, kicks, screams and runs away whenever I try to dress her in the mornings or after her shower. It's really driving me insane! I've tried offering her two choices of outfits but she just has a fit and wants someting else from her wardrobe. I've put away all her summer dresses but nothing I do seems to help. The last few mornings I've just put her in timeout in her room until she'll get dressed, the other day she was in there for over 20 mins before she'd get her pants on! I check on her every few minutes to ask if she's ready to get dressed and whe she says no I tell her 'more timeout'which makes her scream and cry. I'm at my wits end nothing I do seems to work!!!
Anyone else going through this? I'm on the verge of shipping her off to live in a nudust colony!!!

Ellie, NSW, DD 3 yrs & TTC # 2

Sure am!!! My daughter will be 3 in June, she hates getting dressed, we argue and out come the temper tantrums, but mum always wins in the end. It may take me half an hour or so but eventually she comes around. I have pretty bad depression and I get soo damn fustrated when she does this, I have tried reasoning with her staying calm, counting to three and smacking her, giving her time out sitting on her bed , but nothoing seems to work. Bribery is always a good one to fall back on. I think this is what the terrible twos consist of and it's just a matter of time and being patient and encouraging...... Easier said than doen hey!!

Good luck, if you get any other ideas I would love to hear them!!
Hey e2000,
why dont you let her pick the clothes she wants to wear and u stay there and watch her pick her own clothes i think she is older enough to pick her clothes by herself thats why she crys and screams. see what she wants to wear
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