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Obsessed with Grandmother and hard to control Lock Rss

Hello All

Where on earth do I start? It has been one of those weekends.

My Mum visits us once a month for a weekend and my 2 y.o is out of control during the weekend. She cannot focus on anything else but her Grandmother and it is like we do not exist. She will not sleep as she is so worried she is going to miss out on something. We now have a few bad days ahead of us getting her back into her routine. My Mum dotes on her and spoils her rotten which we are trying to scale down but I'm not sure if this behaviour is normal. It is driving my DH & I mad. If we tell her to do something the screaming starts and we cannot console her - only her Grandmother.

Has anyone else experienced this and if so, what did you do. I'm feeling so awful today.

Hey Janelle!
I have seen this happen to my nephew. But only because my SIL palms him off to his nanna all the time! She is such a lazy b&^%
Now whenever she leaves him he goes into hysterics. She also spoils him rotton! And now my DS has seen this behaviour he is trying it OUT! which I have to say I am not the least bit impressed with! When ever she is here he doesnt sleep either because he is afraid of missing out (And he isnt quite one yet)
But u only have it once a month! I get it every bl**dy weekend!
Unless they dont come home (yes, we live them!)
I think you need to have a stern word to your grandmother! for your sake! and the sake of sane ness!

2 more sleeps

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