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Toddlers on Planes Lock Rss


Does anyone have any tips for making plane travel with an under two, very active toddler who does not like to sit on your lap ?

I am travelling interstate withDD (21mths) and would love any handy hints.


Carly - mummy to Alyssa, Ava and Mason

My daughter has been travelling overseas (9 hours flight) since 10 months old. She has been overseas 4 times already and she is 2.4 mnths old. She is kind of an expert now on the plane and fastened her seatbelt by herself as soon as she's seated. I think an interstate flight isn't so bad as long as you are prepared. Ensure you got things to entertain the kid. I doubt the domestic flight offers childrens gifts and toys as international flights do offer. So you have to take whatever your DD loves, ie, book, teddy, comforter etc. Remember to take her favouratie food on board too. The food on interstate flight are not suitable for 21 months old baby. Offer lots of fluids is essential too. If this is to be your DD's first flight experience, I am sure your DD would be very excited and very likely to be seated on your lap..will, at least on take off, taxi and landing. One last thing, if you can , try to book a flight that's not so full, so you'll have an empty seat next to you so you could seat your DD beside you. And request the first row behind the wall (usuallly with an sreen on) can be a help as those seats are wider than normal seats.
I hope these do some help to you. Have a nice flight!

Lucy, mum to Stephanie-12/11/03

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One more thing- they usually seat people with young kids right at the back of the plane which means you will be served food last. Don't be afraid to insist you and your child are fed when they first start serving. Last year on the way to Samoa on qantas, they actually ran out of food by the time they reached us! To make matter way worse, the same thing happend on the way back! We simply couldn't believe it! From now on I will be more assertive when travelling- make sure you get what you are paying for!!!

Ellie, NSW, DD 3 yrs & TTC # 2

We just took our 2.5 year old on a plane at Easter. It was an interstate flight. We took heaps of activities and i even bought a few new books etc which he hadnt seen before. i brought these out of the bag at certain times throughout the flight when he was getting a little restless. THe only mistake i made was not specifically ordering a childrens meal. I assumed that this would automatically happen from our booking details. Luckily the food we were served was ok, however i did notice that all the other kids with pre-ordered child meals were served first. So definately order a childs meal if you haven't already.
Goodluck and enjoy.
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