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Hi all,
We have only just started to introduce DS (18months) to time out. We've only done it once, but it worked an absolute treat. We have to put him on the couch because there isn't really any other spots. I sat on the floor in front of him & every time he'd try to get off I'd sit him back up with my hands on his legs & say no, you are sitting on the couch because you kept touching the TV, etc. I just kept repeating myself as to why he was sitting on the couch. In the end, he was just screaming, so I told him he could get off when he calmed down. Eventually he had a brief moment of quiet which I took & praised him for being listening & said because you calmed down you can get off the couch, but if you touch the TV again you will have to get back up. All of this happened in under a minute. Have I done it right?? Sorry about the long description, I just want to make sure I'm not doing the wrong thing!! He didn't go back to the TV! What do other mums do?? Is 18months ok to do this?? He seemed to understand......

I think do wahtever works.

From what I hear there are different meanings of time out and naughty corner. The aim of Time out I think is not a punishment but a way of calming the child. This can be done by just placing them in their room, on your lap or whatever works for that age. This just takes them away from the situation. From what you said this is sort of what you did by placing him on your lap. We do it with our 19month old a similar way although I just pin it to needing a little quite time ie. getting over whingy etc.

Naughty Corner is used as a form of punishment where they cannot touch or play with anything. I think that is more suitable to around 3 and up.

From the sounds of it you have done well and it worked a charm so don't feel guilty if some people think it is too young. As I said I think the aim is to take them away from an escalating situation and not to necessarily punish them. I got this explanation from the book "Toddler Taming". I just really liked the explanations. It focuses on the younger toddlers as well so is quite handy.
KUDOS! I am a BIG advocate of time out! My DS is 13 months so haven't had to introduce it yet as he responds to no really well at the moment. I plan to introduce it at about 18 months.

My understanding is that time out needs to be 1 minute for each year of age so your timing was perfect! And it sounds like it worked. As long as you are consistent it will work.
yeah it is a minute for each year. The 'experts' are now saying to call it time out rather than naughty corner so the child doesnt see themselves as naughty. The way it is supposed to work, is you time it from when they are in the spot, and if they leave the spot and you have to put them back, the timing starts again. After, a talk about why they were there, then some cuddles and off they go. It can be used for bad behaviour or chill out time, you just explain to the child which they are there for. I implemented it with my 2 yr old this week (havent needed it previously) and I put him there once and now I just have to say go to time out, and he sits there straight away! He has a little cry but I think that is the point, its not supposed to be fun!! smile
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