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Hates having his hair washed Lock Rss

My 2.5 year old hates having his hair washed he will scream hysterically and try to climb out of bath onto me. It's so bad that hubby does not even attempt to wash it. I think the problem is that he hates getting water in his eye but because he thrashes about water always gets in there.
We were making some progress by blowing bubbles whilst washing hair but last week it needed washing and hubby was down stairs and couldn't hear me calling for him to get the bubbles. I thought that I'd just wash it anyway and it was a disaster. Now we are back where we started and the bubbles don't work anymore.

Any tips??

PS he hates shower too and anyone like doctors touching his head though will let the hairdresser cut his hair as he gets a lolly pop afterwards. Maybe I should give him lollies??? but probably not a great idea right before bed.
This will sound silly.... But has he seen you pour water over your face? DD1 (3) was like this (she has hair half way down her back!). DH got in the bath and made pouring water over his face and hers a game. You can also buy jugs that have a rubber bit that fits over their foreheads so that minimal water goes over their faces. Toys R Us has them.

DD1 also hated showers and it has only been the last week that she has decided that she likes showers! Funny little bugger!

Hope this helps and gives you hope.
My kids were like this. My tips are do it anyway and do it quickly. In my experience they grow out of it smile

Hi Thank god I not the only one. My DS is 2years 10 months old. He will cry really bad when I wash his hair. We have so much trouble getting his hair cut.
My husband has to take him it takes 2 hairdress to cut it.
One time they cut them self cause of my DS. He really needs a hair cut now but I feel sorry for our hairdreses.

I hope your DS get's better with the bath.

i can't help really.... just use no more tears shampoo and let them know you are going to wash their hair and if they look at the roof for spiders its normally over fast....

my girl still screams about it..... but for some reason my dad had to wash it the other day......... she got into a bit of pantry stuff while he was looking after her and she was as good as gold getting it washed for him.
DS1 is still a bit funny about it, he used to hate it with a passion and scream the entire time we rinsed his hair. the last 6 months or so he has gotten a bit better with it, we do what they do at swimming, tell him the water is coming and to close his eyes, count to 3 and then pour. we also give him his own flannel so he can wipe his eyes himself straight away. he will tolerate it for about 3 or 4 pours now, but any more than that and he will get annoyed, so we just try to get it over with as fast as we can! we only wash his hair twice a week now.

We did foster caring for a long time and had a child that hated having their hair washed (2.5). I went out and got a 'special' flannel that he chose and some 'special' smelly shampoo (the stuff that smelled nice, i think its Johnsons?) and because he thought he was cool for choosing it, he got better and tolerated it. Just a suggestion!
the only way i can get my ds1 hair washed and wet is in the shower with me. When he's in the shower with me every third morning I wash my hair and do his at the same time, so I shampoo and do his too. In the end yes it gets in his eyes because he refuses to try what I direct to keep it out so we have a wash cloth over his eyes to minimise it and get it done fast. Then it's over and done with and he's been getting better recently as we started this a fortnight ago and doesn't mind it so much now. My ds1 is 2.5 years also, used to love having his hair washed daily as a baby and young toddler.

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