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Asking for advice about sick kids Lock Rss

When my second son was a baby he just rolled from one cold virus to another throughout all of winter.

My doctor, trying to make me feel better, says that our body needs to 'catch' about 40 or so cold viruses before it had adult immunity. So the upshot was he was just getting his fair share out of the way now.

Didn't make me feel better at the time nor did it ease the general crappiness of the situation but sure enough, my son has rarely been sick since.

Love & stuff
Mrs M
Ohno!! That must be really hard! I hope he feels better soon!!

I am a bit confused in regards to what you are saying about being at home with them. In the first sentence you say its hard being stuck at home and you should get out, then you say that you shouldn't take sick kids out....

These are my basic rules to keeping the family healthy.
Basically if a kid is sick, then if you take them out then you are going to prolong their illness. (as well as all the things you mentioned in regards to other people.)
As soon as they start coming down with something up the onion, garlic in food, orange juice with pulp, calcium ascorbate, probiotics if you aren't already giving them. In addition to this they need rest. Let them sleep as much as they can, if you find that the energy levels are too high and they really need to run around, go to the local oval and let them loose for an hour. apple cider vinegar on salads or a teaspoon in a drink bottle might help. chicken soup with lots of ginger and garlic and in chook stock. (fry up some garlic, ginger, add shredded chicken, add chicken stock, add noodles, corn if you want, bring to boil, top with bean sprouts, coriander. good for colds and as a preventative.

but basically you need to support their body to fight the illness. you need to slow them down right from the start and up all the fighting foods. even if they just have a runny nose, don't go out unless you have to. its much more important to give them a good head start when getting sick, then to continue on as normal until they are so sick they can't do anything. There is no point waiting to keep them home, you need to do it at the start. (plus most major illnesses start with cold symptoms- much better for people in the community as this is often the most contagious stage.)

I also wouldn't give panadol unless there is a medical reason. They need a fever to fight, if you lower it,it won't be as effective and the illness will last longer. Panadol should be used if the temp suddenly spikes to dangerous levels and you need to get it back down quickly (although it will only lower it by 1 degree) but for a general temp under 39, you can avoid it unless they are truly not coping.

It does suck when they are sick....its really hard on the whole family.

I hope he feels better soon!!!
I have the same problem I have 3kids what. I find hard is when 1 gets sick they all get sick
Could someone tell me what can I do to prevent this from happening
A friend of mine swears by Olive Leaf extract. Apparently it comes in tablet form or for kids a syrup. It's a natural remedy that you take daily to improve the immune system.

I've never used it, but my friend says that her kids and her have had far less illness since they started taking it.

I also sympathise with all the viruses! My eldest (4 1/2yo) always seems to pick up viruses and is hit hard with them. My 3 yo seems to have a more robust immune system and doesn't get viruses as often or as bad when she does.

Hopefully the rest of winter won't be as bad as the start!
hi i would like to no more about cerabal pasly . my granddaughter has been digonoise with the desease she is 18 months old ..wot are sum of things that i could do to help her and her young mother whos only 17 years old ..and how do i help the young mum to let her no every thing will be alright and its not her fault..??
Great choice! Foods with probiotics are healthy enough for your kids. Also, you won't find any problem with it unless the product is not suitable to your kid. But trying is a step to find the good ones so I'm suggesting this site for the reason that maybe you'll find the probiotics you are looking for.
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