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Toddlers, travel and timezones Lock Rss

Travelling with toddlers is a challenge itself, but staying in a different timezone? Sarah looks at this problem.

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Honestly I am still too scared to travel long distance with my toddler. Every time we look at booking an overseas trip I just stare at the flying hours and the time of flying and cannot get my head around how it all works… It really doesn’t sound very relaxing and I am yet to meet a Mum how hasn’t said it was the worst experience! Meanwhile I getting to know more of Australia and think I will keep it at that for another 2 years or so smile

My tip - fly when they are little enough to not be mobile but big enough that they can enjoy their holiday. I took a 7 month old to the Uk and he adjusted very quickly to the new timezone. I am so glad I took him at that age....
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Yes, I agreed with you that traveling with toddlers is a very challenging.
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