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activities??? Rss

Was just wondering how other mums keep there toddlers entertained during the day.
I have a 2 and a 3 year old and thinking of new things to do together is hard!!!
Other than the obvious (playdough,sticking and glueing,kicking a ball etc)

Any ideas u could give me would be great!!

Mummy to Jack(3) Nicholas(2)

I am in the same boat. My 2.5 year old seems to be bored most of the time although he has so much to do around him. He wants me involved most of the time, but I have things to do around the house. I would also love some ideas!!

Mum to Bub

There is a book you can get called "501 TV Free Things to do for Kids". I bought my copy for $10 at The Warehouse, but I think most of the decent bookstores should have it too. It has heaps of ideas and covers different ideas. There are a couple of others too (one for toddlers and one about science experiments but I think the experiments one would suit school aged kids better). I know I tend to use stickers as a crafty thing - James loves pulling them off and sticking them all over paper, himself and anything else that isn't moving......

James' Mum

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