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Inconsolable Tantrums by my 2yr old Rss

Hi there smile Well this is how it goes my 2 yr old daughter has been ( just over the last month) throwing massive inconsolable tantrums. And by that I mean the smallest thing will set her off and once she starts you can't stop her not even offering her dummy will do it. She throws herself on the ground and cries she will grab anything within reach and kick it or throw it and she goes on and on for sometimes a period of up to 15 minutes.
Not only is it embarrassing when in public and stressful but its also very worrying I really just don't know how to handle it sad
She has only done it 2 times in public and needless to say we dropped everything and got in the car and came home ( that tantrum was over her not wanting to go in the pram) and all the way home she cried and threw herself around in the car seat to the point where she was hitting her head or the car door hurting herself.
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated at this point all I have been doing is putting her in her room (a safe place) for her to have the tantrum and when she finally calms down I give her a cuddle and we go on with the day.

Mumma of 3.

I need to keep track of this thread! I'm in your shoes with my 23 month old ds. He is currently in his room screaming and there is nothing I can do... he's been having the tantrums for almost 3 weeks...
perhaps try looking at what she might be eating or drinking. My 2 yr old normally has tantrums but they are so much worse if he has had an increase in sugar in his diet. He will wake screaming and tossing and turning and throw a tantrum over absolutely anything. I have noticed that whatever food he is obsessing over tends to be his problem. Also, lately when he is yelling and screaming I just pick him up, take him into his room and put him to bed. I tell him sternly that he is being a very silly boy, give him a smack on either his leg or his arm and tell him to stay here until he is happy. I then leave and close the door and he will cry/yell for not long then you hear the door being quietly opened and he comes out for a cuddle.

Hope you can get a curb on her tantrums soon!! They are such awful things to deal with!
My DS is 2 1/2 and will occassionally throw massive tantrums when he wakes up from his nap. I have found the only thing that I can do is to ignore the behaviour (hard to do I know). Usually if I ignore him he calms himself down in around 5 to 10 mins. If I try to console him, offer him a snack or a drink, or ANYTHING it seems to make it alot worse and it goes on for longer.

Luckily he has only thrown one trantrum in public (we saw a Peppa Pig show at the mall and he wasn't happy when it ended!) and all I could do was strap him into his seat on the stroller, ignore all the looks I was getting and walk quickly around the mall (he fell asleep within minutes).
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