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Colds in nearly 3yo, what medicine is best or should they be avoided? Lock Rss

Hi all,

Just wondering what everyone does in this dreaded cold and flu season, my nearly 3yo has come down with another cold, usual fever, runny nose, cough, loss of appetite. I have given her some panadol and use vicks at night but it's not helping much. Will try some honey on her carrots tonight to get her to eat a bit more.

Heard about kids Dimmetapp which I will look at in the chemist tomorrow but I've read conflicting reports about whether to give medicine to toddlers and if they really work.
Just after some feedback from more experienced Mums.
I use Dimetapp (the blue one) for my kids (8 and 3) and it helps to dry and clear up the runny nose. I use a vapouriser in the rooms at night, and put vicks ont heir feet (covered by socks) when they go to bed. I find I only need to use the Dimetapp for about 3 days.

treylace2 wrote:
I use Dimetapp (the blue one) for my kids (8 and 3) and it helps to dry and clear up the runny nose. I use a vapouriser in the rooms at night, and put vicks ont heir feet (covered by socks) when they go to bed. I find I only need to use the Dimetapp for about 3 days.

Thanks for that, I am doing the vicks and vaporiser but doesn't seem to do that much, but went to the chemist and was looking at Dimetapp but they suggested Robitussin Purple one which is for Chesty cough and Nasal congestion which are all her symptoms. It seems the Dimetapp and Demazin have one medicine for runny noses and then another for the cough. So we started using yesterday and she is improving but of course it tastes horrible and she really doesn't want to take it. I started using it now as I can feel my chest getting congested and I can see why she doesn't like it... revolting stuff!!
~Dust wrote:
HappyHead wrote:HiWhen our little ones get sick we want to fix it for them but its a part of life and for the most part they just have to ride it out. Things like Dimetapp and Demazin dont make them recover quicker and I think unless your little one is truly miserable you are better off not using them (especially ones that are blue or other colours, always go for the colour free option).They get a million colds and flus, best to let their bodies fight them as much as possible. Sure give some panadol and vicks before bed. Sometimes a dose of dimetapp before bed if the coughing is really bad at night.Have to agree with this.Although instead of vicks which contains petrochemicals, I use Eukybear rub. I also make sure meals contain garlic and or ginger when we have colds.

Thanks I'll look into the Eukybear rub, yes I agree too but this time I gave in to medication as she was so miserable and constantly crying which I couldn't cope with on my own with a 15mth old as well. Had to do something to help clear this up and it has worked smile
Although of course now my 15mth old is getting worse, just finished fighting off a cold from a few weeks ago and back to a fever again today... aargh....
thanks everyone, well we went to the Dr today as I was worried about my 15mth old who is getting worse. Well she now has bronchiolitis which cannot be treated as such but the dr did tell me to use childrens claratyne syrup (allowed over 12mths) to clear up her runny nose and help her breathe. As it is a hayfever/allergy treatment I would never have thought of that, so if anyone else is battling runny noses maybe give it a go.

My eldest is fighting her cold and Dr also said to keep using the Robitussin medicine to help clear up the chest cough.

I hate this time of year, look forward to our holiday in Qld in 5 weeks!!! grin
When worst comes to worse, we give our boys (2.5 years and 13months) Prospan. It's honey tasting and can be given to them safely from 1 year old. This was recommended to my by our local chemist and we have found it really effective for a chesty cough. Since we started using it I also heard that some of my mother's group were also recommended this and found it really works.

However, I definitely agree with letting our little one's try and fight off as many bugs as possible. I think we often go for medication a little too early and then when we really need medication it doesn't work as effectively as it could. Anyway - I find that the Vicks and the vapourizer often helps clear the nose a little to help my boys breathe easier at night and if they have a feaver I give them panadol. I don't go for any other medication for a cold unless its a last resort.

Hope it helps
I'm feeling for you. Hope tonight is better.
Well we finally battled the cold and after 2 weeks of normality BANG another cold has hit her!!
I could scream.......... so back to the chemist and got the Prospan - thanks for the tip "elphelps"
I was going to get the "Brauer childrens cold and flu relief " from the website tip posted by "Fdarling61"
but the pharmacist said Prospan would work better.

Fingers crossed we can knock it on the head before it takes hold as she has to go to creche for the next 2 days while DH has to go into hospital for surgery and I need to drop him off and pick him up. The timing could not have been worse...aargh!!
I saw something on tv the other day talkinga bout colds/flu's etc, and it said that we can catch up to 10 colds a year, sometimes more. That there are about 200 different cold viruses and the systems are usually the worst for 1-3 datys. If you go downhill after you have started feeling better, it means you have caught a different cold virus than the one you previously had. They also spoke about the difference between a common cold and the flu, as many adults claim they have the flu when in fact its just a cold. if a fever is present above 39c then you are dealing with the flu.

Also not sure who it was that said about not given kids blue medicine. When I mentioned the Dimetapp (blue), I was referring to the colour of the box, not the actual medicine. The medicine is clear and from memory is actually sugar free.

Treylace2 - yes I knew what you meant with regards to the blue box.

But I tell you this Prospan is fantastic worth trying for next time, it is a natural herb so no nasties.
And we started using it yesterday when DD1's cough developed and now it has gone, it stopped the virus taking hold. Worked wonders smile

I read about the cold and flu season in the paper as well, this is a really bad season.. well DD1 def had the flu then, and my 15mth old ended up with bronchiolitis, then 2 weeks later I was suffering from bronchitis and still have infected sinuses. It's funny how I am prescribed antibiotics yet there poor little bodies have to just suffer and fight it out...I suppose there is a good medical reason smile
I've found Brauer childrens cold and flu relief worked really well at stopping my daughter's cold from progressing to where mine and hubby's had - which was more like a nasty flu... I tried some too., and I felt some relief. I also use Claratyne at night if the runny nose is causing constant waking (2 yr old hasn't quite got the hang of the 'blowing' nose part yet) and panadol if the fever is causing real discomfort.
My little girl was recently sick with the flu, there is nothing worse. I put vicks on her feet and then socks over the top and it seemed to help her cough at night. As well as vicks on her chest etc.
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