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Dental check up ? Lock Rss

What age do you take your kids for thier first dental check up in Australia and how do you go about it ? Just wondering when i should be taking my little man . Thanks.
I took dd1 with me when she was 3 and 4 just to get used to the dentist. She basically just sat in the chair and he looked quickly at her mouth.
Now that she is 5, she went with me a couple of weeks ago and had her 1st proper check. Luckily her teeth are fine. He said next year he will do a clean and polish.
He charged $44 which our health fund paid back $30.

I started taking both of my kids to dentist from 1 years old. It paid off because now my 3 years old have absolutely no fear of dentists.

Their first checkups are very basic, to see if there are any cavities and that all teeth are coming through as they suppose to.
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